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Submitted on the old forum by tmize

So I’ve been trying the past two weeks to be getting more organized. So I’ve started on the back wall behind me bench to start. I built a saw till and drill and impact slots with several drawers for small stuff. So far I like it all being right behind me. I also moved my miter saw over to left I don’t use it much except for construction project which come an go thru the year. I relocated my sharpening stuff to the lower part where it sat. I still have another bank of drawers that will go next to the other below the countertop. I’m trying localize all my dust makers to three different spot in the shop so when I start dust collection piping in the next month or so the drops will be easier


Follow up posts
1) Organization is king!
2) And it just makes being in the shop more enjoyable.
3) That is what I’m trying to do is make it my space I’ve been slowly moving all not woodworking stuff out of here to the garage upstairs an this will all mine to sit and relax. We have lived here 4 years now an we are still remodeling as we go but most of the big stuff is done now except the kitchen but that’s going to be a long time. I look at all these super nice over the top shops online and think that is what I want then when it comes time to build something for the shop I just build it fast an get to using it. 

I’m slowly figuring out how I work now an how to arrange the space now (slow learner). I’ve bet I’ve moved my ts 10 time til before the spot it’s in now an I think it right now.
4) As one with one of those "over the top" shops, I also completely understand where you're at.  I built based on "need" early on as well.  Those builds helped me learn what I really wanted when the time came to finally do my shop the way I wanted..  Point being that you sound very much like you know what you want now.  The rest is just using the skill sets you've accumulated to build the shop furniture that you want and I look forward to watching your journey!  
5) Thanks yea I’m the young buck here so I’m trying to soak up all the info I can handle. An the way I’m looking at it now is build it now with whatever I have laying around an once I figure out if it will stay like that an I like it I’ll rebuild to look nice later kinda like a mock up.
6) Exactly what I did..

Funny part about that...  I'm on my third iteration of the OF/Work table and have a butt load of money dumped into it with vises and lumber..  And, in the final shop, I rarely use it..

Word to the wise..  Build to the future need, not the current shop!  That changes a little if you know you're in your final shop.

For the record, I've had the pleasure to work in a few different shops.  Some were my own and some were some wonderful woodworkers that I met on forums like these and got to visit.  I have to admit that @chet has one of the nicest shops I've worked in!  It's on the smaller side but, he has done an amazing job with the space!
7) That is me now an my workbench I built it when had all the normal yard and diy stuff in the shop an the old tool arrangement. I built it 6’ long 24” wide with a cabinet base for storage. I hate it now way to short for me can’t use holdfast but couple places. Unlike most people opinions the workbench is the heart of my shop not the table saw. Now that I’ve realized that I’ve been able to move the flow around til it works for me. So I’ve got a bench build sometime this year an Im bumping the size bench to 28” wide with a tool well and 8-9’ long with a couple small drawers.
8  Very cool!  Although I always offer my ideas and opinions, I also always believe that people should build to their shop and flow.  What works for me isn't necessarily right for everyone else.  Good on you!

There's certainly some cool bench ideas out there..  Obviously, I have a couple iterations on the Roubo, Chet has a killer bench that melds a few different styles, Marc has done the Roubo, and that barely scratches the surface.
9) Kev/Chet, wasn’t there a tour of Chet’s shop somewhere on WTO? Would be cool to put it on here as well.
10) I know I video'd a shop tour but, not sure if I published it..  I'll have a look tomorrow as I just don't remember.

If I didn't, it would be awesome for @chet to do one as I think he has just about the best small shop I've had the pleasure to work in..

If Hotel internet was better I could look quickly but, my internet is pretty poor ATM..
11) Just for full discloser, my shop is what used to be the garage, cars don't get to come in anymore and haven't been since the late 80's. Because it was the garage I share space with the washer and dryer along with a freezer and pantry area. My actual area is 16' X 18'. I don't have a video but here are some pictures.

The first three pictures go clock wise and give you an overview of the shop. The last three show some of the storage under the router, planer and table saw. The storage under the table saw is currently being rebuilt. After working with it for a few years I have come up with some changes along with wanting to make it narrower to make it a little easier to turn the crank for the blade tilt on the table saw.  I do have a drill press and it sets just to the left of the red tool box in the third picture

I think about building some storage under the hand tool bench but if you read my post in General Discussion about "some times you just got to laugh", you will know why I probably won't put storage there.

If you have any questions, just ask.





12) Thanks Chet!  

I was always amazed how you had such a great layout and still had bicycles and a washer and dryer in a 2 car garage!
13) Thanks Chet that gives me some inspiration to try a few more things out
14) I know, right! Chet, what is the DeWalt tool in the third pic?  I know I’ll be embarrassed for asking. 
How much outfeed space do you have for your ts? 
Where is your dc system located? 
Last but not least, darn nice setup!
15) I'll admit that wasn't there when I was but, I know what it is... 
16) A radio?
17) Ken,  The Dewalt tool in the third picture isn't a tool, it is one of those old fashion things called a Ray-Dee-Oh.  Pretty much the reason I keep it is I love to listen to baseball on the radio. 

My outfield table is 3Ft X 4Ft

The DC is just to the right of my table saw, you can just see a couple flex hoses running into the main trunk.

Thanks Ken.
18) Yea, it wasn't there in that spot, but it was in the shop.
19) Awesome looking shop Chet! What is the mat that you have on the floor?
20) Steal away that’s what forums are for to bounce ideas off each other an borrow ways things work for others. Sometimes it will be the simplest things that you never would have thought of that makes a huge change in your shop.
21) It is from Rubber Flooring inc.  I used the one in the link below.  They are actually tiles but they are laser cut so when they go together it is almost impossible to see the connection.  I could stand on that stuff all day it has a nice supportive feel to it, its not soft and squishy like the cheap stuff.  And it is way better then the cold concrete on chilly days.  With every penny.

The other thing that is nice about this company is you can get corner and edge tiles so you don't have the inter locking edges on the outside like you have with the other stuff.  Or you can buy it in four foot wide rows cut to length.  It is cheaper that way but you pay more on shipping because it becomes a bulk item as far as handling.

22) Mine is all one pieces strips I got from a weight room in a gym heavy as all get out but nice to stand on and safe on tool edge when they leap from your hand
23) I need one that’s ergonomically supportive to bare feet and I believe Chet’s would fit that need. 
Chet, back to your dc collection, would that be in the second pic and what do you use?
24) Yep it would be good on your feet Ken.  When I was rehabbing my broken ankle my physical therapist had the same stuff on his floors, except the rolls not the tiles and he said that it was great for people with back problems or people that tend to do standing tasks bare footed.

My DC is made by Penn State Industries, the same company that makes a bunch of the parts, equipment and supplies for pen turners.  They seem to have gotten out of the DC business though.  I got this one super cheap because it had some dents in it and I don't care about the dents nearly has much as saving money.  It is 120v with a 1 3/4 hp motor.  I have about 40 linear feet of 4 inch PVC running off it through out the shop with blast gates at each tool and 4 inch flex running from the blast gate to the tool.  No more flex then absolutely needed.  I have it connected to my Jointer, Planer, Table Saw, Band Saw and Router.  The only time I have ever had a static problem off of the PVC is when I run the planer for long sessions and I think that this is mostly because of the fan in the Dewalt 735 increasing the velocity of the chips.  And even at that the discharge that you get is less then you get from new carpet on the floor.  All in all I am satisfied with the set up after, after a hard day in the shop I probably only sweep up enough off the floor to fill a coffee can... unless there was a fair amount of hand tool work.

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;  remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." - Epicurus

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I figured I would bring this thread back from the grave. To all the organization experts out there I’ve been going thru all my drawers one by one over the past few months. I’ve been building dividers an trays to get everything in neat order. I come to my saw files,rasps and other files an I’m lost on this one. DAFEADD2-B0AF-4295-89C7-46AC95FC6F41.thumb.jpeg.d14fbd0eb3ad2966ee368b2b253d297f.jpegI got the veratis saw file roll an it’s great up I keep a surplus of my most common files that want fit in the roll. Any suggestions?

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7 hours ago, Tmize said:

I figured I would bring this thread back from the grave. To all the organization experts out there I’ve been going thru all my drawers one by one over the past few months. I’ve been building dividers an trays to get everything in neat order. I come to my saw files,rasps and other files an I’m lost on this one. saw file roll an it’s great up I keep a surplus of my most common files that want fit in the roll. Any suggestions?

My thoughts on stuff like this was covered in a video a little shortly after the new shop was completed..  To date, I still really like the set up...  For the most part.....

I've been slowly making a couple small changes for items I use a lot at my regular workstation.  I have a hand tool bench/area but, it's just not my normal work location.  So, I've been adding some bits and pieces to some open drawer space in my assembly table like a block plane and I will be ordering some general use rasps soon as well as possibly a hand saw or 2 and a small set of chisels..


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1 hour ago, pkinneb said:

For drawers like this I like to use hardboard insert's. They are cheap and easy to reconfigure or remake if things change. here is one example


That is the way must all my other drawers are done. I use luan plywood instead I run them thru the table saw an half lap them on either 1” or 2” centers depending on what IM putting in the drawerimage.thumb.jpg.7c88b9c3ee447054158d5807aef8394f.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.08ba07d7c99d62679c39f2d80889883e.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.423d536321e34d6c7e6a0612debefe97.jpg


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