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  1. I used the spray frosting (rattle can) on my theater marquee and it worked very well.
  2. I have to admit not a huge fan but I've definitely seen much worse drawer construction, next time add a wedge or two as well 🙂
  3. I think you'll be very happy Bob! While I think the price is crazy, better on sale, but still high it is a solid piece of engineering in my opinion and I will never need another. Its simple, accurate, and like Kev said the micro adjust is a game changer.
  4. Couldn't you use the circle jig on the bandsaw at an angle and accomplish the task? If not a router comes to mind using many small cuts.
  5. Looking good! I typically pre finish my panels with a couple coats of whatever I am applying to the finished doors usually poly or something similar. This helps eliminate the lines you referenced as well as seal them up on all sides.
  6. I have done it but the last time it cost me the tip of my finger. Use a Festool plunge saw (I thought of this while getting stitched up in the emergency room 🤦‍♂️) or a router not worth the risk. Fwiw I was making custom grates for my office desk to vent the computer cabinet.
  7. As much as I like taking classes that one will probably never make my list either but just didn't want you to miss out 😄 I'll be there on 6/11 for the Michael Fortune #1 chair class as well as the jigs class the weekend before and his bs class the sat after. I am looking forward to this one should be a fun build and lots to learn.
  8. Coop Marc Adams has you covered 🙂 https://www.marcadams.com/product/decorative-finishes-distressed-aged-fumed-crackled-with-david-smith/
  9. I have used a fair amount of poplar for painted projects and find that it takes paint great, does not break the bank from a cost perspective, and its one of only a few woods I have no issues painting 🙂
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