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  1. Received my replacements yesterday along with some stickers and a free Bridge City 6" rule 🙂 All better
  2. Looks great!! I agree with @Bushwacked had you not mentioned it I would have never guessed that wasn't the original design nice save!
  3. Very nice!! I recently noticed the hole in the lip on a video somewhere does that work for longer term storage as well? Seems like a great idea but I wondered if it was ok for a finish that wouldn't be used up in a short period of time.
  4. Just to close the loop on this I received an email from Harvey late last evening and they apologized profusely. They said they had been "swamped from the holiday and playing catch up" the replacement parts are in the mail and they provided tracking info. So all is good.
  5. Hey folks just wanted to follow up on this one. As stated in my first post I was mistakenly sent the metric version of the miter gauge and as of today nearly a month later it has still not been corrected. I am using the gauge and my review still stands but thought all should know the customer services has hit a bit of a road bump at least for me.
  6. Correct just 1/4" dado's half way up/ down on both pieces. By doing it this way they can be removed, reconfigured, etc
  7. For drawers like this I like to use hardboard insert's. They are cheap and easy to reconfigure or remake if things change. here is one example
  8. I like the piping detail on the bottom very nice touch
  9. Congrats Coop that's awesome!! That's got to be hard after so many years and such a closely held business but I'm sure you will find plenty to keep you busy 🙂
  10. So Kev's post got me thinking of what's up next for me. As many of you know the last two years of my life was spent finishing our basement and while there were many projects I look forward to making actual furniture again! So for me 2021 is going to be the year of the chair and while I don't expect to get them all done here is the list in no particular order 2 pool table spectator chairs The Michael Fortune #1 chair (MASW) Morris Chair Sculpted rocker I also have several other projects that I have on tap Redu our outdoor kitchen (This one will definitely get d
  11. It comes in handy if you get a cutoff you need to remove or for general safety so the blade is stopped when you leave the machine. I must use mine a fair amount becuase I constantly find my self going for the brake on my 1412 😏
  12. That would be a major thing for me as well. I have one on my 16HD and use it all the time. Kev once you get used to having it you will love it.
  13. Coop for what it's worth I got a purchase notification within minutes of ordering mine.
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