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  1. Nice clean work coop! Looks awesome!!
  2. I've order quite a bit from them and always been happy hopefully you have the same experience.
  3. Exactly if one's not careful it can get to the point where you are overcompensating 🤣
  4. A+ on the wood / grain selection on the foot board Chet!! Looking forward to following along.
  5. That's all that really matters 🙂
  6. Tuned out awesome Coop! Having said that $195 in finishing supplies had to hurt 🤣
  7. Yes sir!! Best bang for your buck you will find.
  8. I'm with Kev on Auirou rasps and would start with the two he recommends as well as add Shinto rasp. Having said that I started using rasps on my sculpted bar stools. I added a Shinto and then two Auirou's like many tools as you use them you think ya know this shape or that grain would be better suited for this and now a few years later I think I have 8 plus like 6 riflers LOL
  9. I really like the leg round over detail
  10. I used the spray frosting (rattle can) on my theater marquee and it worked very well.
  11. I have to admit not a huge fan but I've definitely seen much worse drawer construction, next time add a wedge or two as well 🙂
  12. I think you'll be very happy Bob! While I think the price is crazy, better on sale, but still high it is a solid piece of engineering in my opinion and I will never need another. Its simple, accurate, and like Kev said the micro adjust is a game changer.
  13. Couldn't you use the circle jig on the bandsaw at an angle and accomplish the task? If not a router comes to mind using many small cuts.
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