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  1. Most of mine are metal from Oneida with the exception of my manifold which is plywood with hardboard shop made gates.
  2. That's what I was thinking as well.
  3. Nice! They are really nice to have around I wish I could justify an airless but for the amount of times I use it I couldn't.
  4. Absolutely Kev but I see a whole lot of people spending a lot whole lot of time thinking their shops need to be perfect and they need to have every tool known to man before they can make something. Now if collecting tools and designing and laying out shops is your end game then have it. I love my shop and I love my tools but above all I love what I make in it and the feedback I get when I give something away and for me that should drive the decisions especially if funds are limited.
  5. I'm going to go even further outside the lines... Decide what your first project is going to be and then using the list above purchase the tools you need to make that project. Then decide on your next project and pick up the addl tools needed for that. Rinse and repeat and pretty soon you will have a well outfitted shop with the tools you need and use.
  6. pkinneb

    Spanky's Lumber

    With OSB nearly double what it was a year ago I bet your right ?
  7. It's probably my least used sander but when you need it it's nice to have. I used it over the last week to quickly sand some shop made veneer I was using for a box lid I was working on. I was glad I had it.
  8. Not only is your shop clean your work is as well, great job!!
  9. Nice job on both the mortiser and the web frames! I love how clean and organized your shop always is. It reminds me of high school woodshop and how at the end of every class the shop had to be back to the shape we found it in. I try but some days are better than others ?
  10. I actually have both and use them quite often. the lighting in our great room is really poor so if I read its typically in the bedroom chair. We also have an armoire which provides three drawers for the wife's cloths and the top section is used to store electronics for the surround sound system in the bedroom.
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