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  1. Kev

    Bell Forest

    Awesome! I've had one board from them that was just not useable and they replaced it without issue.
  2. Kev

    Bell Forest

    Yes 8 to 10' shipped cheapest possible. As for the selection process, you can be very precise about what you want. They will handpick your boards to ensure you're getting what you ask for.
  3. Kev

    Bell Forest

    They'll ship full lengths.. All of my maple came in full lengths.. The 12/4 walnut that I ordered for the Demilune table came in a much shorter piece because that's what I needed. When you get the quote from them, it includes the shipping cost.
  4. Kev

    Bell Forest

    Exactly what I went through on the maple.. It was cheaper for me on that project even with the shipping.
  5. Kev

    Bell Forest

    Windsor in Bellingham? I went through that with them on the maple for my OF table and ordered all that material from BF as well.
  6. Kev

    Bell Forest

    I just got an order from them.. I usually just email them with what I want and they get back to me pretty quickly with a quote..
  7. There another nice feature that allows you to more easily view and interact on the forums while being in the chat room. Click on the pull down box to open the menu. Select "Open in Popup" And now you can place the ongoing conversation anywhere you'd like on your screen. I have a fairly large screen so, this works well for me but, you can adjust the size of the box to fit your needs. Additionally, when this room is open, anytime anyone types, an audible notification will sound. You can turn this off if you wish, it was left on as the default.
  8. As most of you have seen now, there's new chat software installed on the forums. We've created a chat room where everyone can hang out and chat as well as a private function where you can live chat one on on. Both are very simple to use. I'll start with the Chat Room - To get in, click on "Chat" Next, click on the Chat Room. And, you're in! To chat with others in the room, simply type in text box and press enter. Additionally, we've added the ability to show pictures and GIFs in this room As well, if you want to go to private chat with someone in the chat room, simply click on their name and the Chatbox will open up. I think we may have some more features that we could add to this room. If there's something there you guys want, let me know.. Now on to the Chatbox In the lower right hand portion of your screen, you'll see the Chatbox button. Clicking on that button will open up a box where you can select who you want to chat with. If you don't see their name on the list, it's because you haven't chatted with them before. By simply typing their user name in the bottom of this screen, they will come up and you can start your conversation. So, in this Case, if I wanted to talk to Tmize, I simply type his name in the bottom and click on his name whet it appears. Please let me know if there are questions or features you'd like to see added. I really do hope we get some good use and enjoyment out of this addition!
  9. First build video is up and available!
  10. Kev

    Pin Nailers

    Nothing like mixing propane and a spark to shoot a nail....lol. Hate to see something go wrong...lol
  11. Ok, this is cool! lol Finish on the floor is tricky! In all honesty, I think I would go with removable indoor/outdoor mats that are washable. I can buy used ones from the guys that come into refineries and replace/clean these mats once a week for about 5 bucks each.. I also think Harbor Freight might carry them. I know I have a bunch of them as that's what I used in my hunting tent and they worked awesome! As for the rest of it, sad as it sounds, I might consider paint. It's washable and durable as well as easy to touch up.
  12. Great question! I'll be honest in that I haven't really paid attention to the "working time" . I will say that I've noticed it sets up a lot quicker in the cup than it does on the project. I'll also add that the pumps don't seem to hold up compared to the lifespans of the epoxy in my shop. Very interested in what the others have to say!
  13. The chat software is in! As you guys get the chance, it would be great if you'd test it and just make sure things are working properly.. There's currently 2 features that we're using.. Chatbox - You'll find this in the lower right corner of the screen. If you click on that box and type in the member you wish to chat with you will open another box that looks and feels much like Facebook private messaging. You could legitimately do pretty much the same thing using the mail feature of the forums but, the Chatbox is actually much more simple. Chat Room - You'll find this in the blue bar at the top. This is just a big open room where all registered members can pop in for live conversations. All forum rules apply here.. I'm sure there will be some bugs to work through..
  14. I think we're going to put the chat in on a trial basis. I have to pay for 6 months so, we'll reevaluate it at that time.. Stay tuned, some new toys coming..
  15. Looking great! I'm sure a project this size presents some unique challenges in your shop..lol.
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