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  1. Kev

    Kreg ACS

    No, far from it!
  2. To all the dads, a happy Father's Day to you!
  3. That dark spot will go away with paint...
  4. Shoot for the 1/16th to allow for adjustment room.. You may have to do a small inner chamfer but, the euro hinges usually account for that.
  5. They help hide the pins as well.
  6. https://woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator/ I use it a lot!
  7. Structurally you're fine.. Just depends on what you want visually. If you're concerned structurally, leave a lip on the front or add one to the back. If you want to be 100% sure, drop the dimensions into the sagulator and see what you get but, pretty sure you're fine.
  8. Not sure there's too many people without internet anymore.. Just a few that are challenged by the internet..
  9. Apologies if you've answered this elsewhere in this thread but, why not euro hinges? Easy to install and easy to take the doors on/off while you make adjustments..
  10. If you're staining, this is a good time to get your blotch control on them! Looking good!
  11. The Blum glides will cut down on the amount of hand planing you have to do!
  12. If your doors are inset, the drawer front should be as well. If the doors are overlay, then the drawer front should be as well..
  13. Attaching a drawer front (even a raised panel) is much easier to do to a false drawer front. Connecting the drawer box without the false front can be done (and is often done) but, the math becomes much for critical as you only get one shot at it. The glides you chose help that a lot if you choose to skip the false front.
  14. They might but, the ones he ordered are limited to 1/2" to 5/8". I've never looked into glides that accept thicker material.
  15. I've always thought the TS was the way to go with these.. If you have thick material, you're asking a lot of a router bit.
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