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  1. If you are doing the pour in a form, instead of using up a lot of time and wood shavings you could just get the tops flat and then shim everything level from the bottom. No one would ever see the shims when the desk is finished.
  2. Chet

    Welcome Tyler!

    Welcome aboard Tyler.
  3. This sounds like a good idea.
  4. The Morris Chair as a fun and challenging project. Maybe start by building a whole new bedroom set. By the time you get done with the bed and nightstands she will have decided what she wants in the corner. Armoire could be a fun project though.
  5. Or maybe you see a lot of my cleanliness in Kev's shop. The two can be intertwined. 😋
  6. I got back to this project today after being side track by the jointer for a few of days. Prior to that happening, I had got almost all the parts cut to rough size. I had started roughing the legs last last Friday and when cutting them on the saw there was a lot of energy in them so I sticker them and left them until today. I had never experienced that with Sapele before. Everything roughed, Legs stickers on the cart, poplar for the web frames, drawer fronts, tops and sides, from front to back. It was a big day of milling, then glued up the 8 legs and 2 tops.
  7. Coop, I meant to add up above, when I bought my PM jointer I wasn't going after the brand. I was really set on one from Grizzly, I owned a 6 inch of they're for 18 years and except having t replace the switch once it never let me down. But at the time they were going through some weird problem and all their jointers we back ordered between 3 and 6 months and I didn't want to wait that long.
  8. It's one of those tools that when you need it, it is worth the money spent.
  9. No, it's Kev's favorite brand, 8 inch Powermatic. I just happen to run across the Grizzly video looking for information on good ways to adjust my knives.
  10. This doesn't pertain to those of you with helical heads in your tools but for the rest this may be of interest. 😉 I was working on my current project and something just wasn't feeling right with the jointer performance when jointing face grain. I decided to just shut the project down and I started giving the jointer a tune up. I found some minor things but the culprit was probably some improper knife adjustment. The one time I had done this in the past I used the Mickey Mouse jig that came with the Jointer, thats in the trash now. After running across the video below from Grizzly
  11. Looks like it should do the trick for you. Question where did you get the flexible light for the drill press and do you like it?
  12. Yea, they do enough to see the grain but you still need to do some milling. We used to have a place here in town that sold only S4S and I mean it was perfect. You wouldn't need a jointer, planer or drum sander but this sapele that I paid $5.88 for, if they were still around today it would cost you close to the equivalent of $18.00 a Bd.Ft..
  13. That is why I mentioned that it really isn't S3S it's more hit and miss of skip planed.
  14. I paid $5.88 a Bd. Ft. They call it S3S but it is more of a hit and miss on the face sides you end up with a heavy 13/16.
  15. To address Bryans comments maybe a little more history on the projects is in order. A number of years back we purchased a bedroom set after completely redoing the master bedroom and bath. We purchased because I didn't have the woodworking chops back then to attempt something like this. One of the downsides to the set is we had to go with a queen bed because the night stands were so wide that we wouldn't be able to get a King bed in with out he use of a shoe horn and a couple of pry bars. So what I am doing is duplicating the existing design with some modifications, one being making t
  16. No, they are just rectangular. I ma changing the bottom, I don't like the looks of what I have in the drawing.
  17. No, I sold it to buy my band saw some years back. The lathe just never held my interest. Why do you ask?
  18. I am hoping that I can find in this 104 Bd Ft of Sapele one master bedroom set. One of the pieces Picked out was 16 ft long and 16 inches wide. These are the designs so far. Although I have already decided to change the feet of the post on the head and footboard.
  19. Or maybe Cherry ply for the whole thing. How big of a price difference would it be in total. When you start doing things like adding a 1/4" width here but not there and then a 1/4" on this part but not that part, to me thats where a project can go in the hopper real quick when you have a different thickness on parts hear and there. I would have to seriously think about maybe taking part of the price difference out of my bottom line just to have a little piece of mind each time I pull out the tape measure.
  20. Chet

    Drum sander

    I have the SuperMax 19-38 and I run 120 grit on it all the time. Couple passes through then I start with my random orbit. I start that with quick lick of 80 grit because 120 on the drum is about equivalent to 80 on the ROS. Then I just work through my grits. I have never wished I had more then the 19-38 it's a great machine.
  21. It's always nice when a plan comes together the way you hoped it would.
  22. The 5x5 sizing is actually a hold over from the Europe aviation industry. The stuff I get has some kind of grading make on it for aviation use. Don't know what language it is in so I can't read it to see what it really says. The hardwood manager told me what it was. He said to get that seal it can't have voids. Like Kev said it has no voids
  23. We make up for it with our housing prices.
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