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  1. Looking good! I typically pre finish my panels with a couple coats of whatever I am applying to the finished doors usually poly or something similar. This helps eliminate the lines you referenced as well as seal them up on all sides.
  2. I have done it but the last time it cost me the tip of my finger. Use a Festool plunge saw (I thought of this while getting stitched up in the emergency room 🤦‍♂️) or a router not worth the risk. Fwiw I was making custom grates for my office desk to vent the computer cabinet.
  3. As much as I like taking classes that one will probably never make my list either but just didn't want you to miss out 😄 I'll be there on 6/11 for the Michael Fortune #1 chair class as well as the jigs class the weekend before and his bs class the sat after. I am looking forward to this one should be a fun build and lots to learn.
  4. Coop Marc Adams has you covered 🙂 https://www.marcadams.com/product/decorative-finishes-distressed-aged-fumed-crackled-with-david-smith/
  5. I have used a fair amount of poplar for painted projects and find that it takes paint great, does not break the bank from a cost perspective, and its one of only a few woods I have no issues painting 🙂
  6. In addition to Kev's comments I think they look cleaner since you don't see them especially if you have a nice joint eg dovetails or box joint. The first time I used them it took a bit but as Kev stated once you've done it they are pretty easy and soft close is definitely nice.
  7. I just saved your link as my amazon link so I don't even think about anymore I just order like I always have, but now its through your link 🙂
  8. pkinneb

    Drum sander

    I got an email from Everlast welders yesterday that stated they are 6 weeks behind due to a back log of container ships in the port of long beach. They had a pic attached that showed so many dots (ships) that I didn't bother to count.
  9. No kidding! The micro adjust is the bomb that and its simplicity continue to be my favorite features.
  10. I strive to do the best I can and fix most things I mess up but I rarely point out my mistakes anymore...well except to woodworkers 🙂 Case in point I recently finished a second Urn in a month for a friends funeral. On the starburst top the finish created some interesting ripples where the pieces came together, try as I might I could not get them out and finally ran out of time so out the door it went. There were about 75 people at the funeral and you know, not one mentioned the issue but several mentioned how beautiful it was in fact the pastor pulled me aside and said it was one of the
  11. pkinneb

    Drum sander

    Congrats! I use mine a lot as well.
  12. Interested to see what you decide. I have been thinking about a branding iron for a while but the reviews seem to be all over the map almost to the point that I wonder if there is a learning curve some folks aren't aware of.
  13. Damn!! That's up there. I think a standard metal wye delivered from Oneida was like 60ish and I thought that was bad. I will say the first time you have to change your duct work it is nice, drilling out rivets and pulling off metal tape is a PITA, luckily in 15 years I think I have only had to do it twice.
  14. pkinneb


    Kev I have the ceramics on both my Laguna bandsaws and would never go back but it seems to be a love or hate proposition. I'm in the I love ceramic guides camp. BTW congrats on the saw!! Looks like a really nice unit.
  15. I agree with your thought just sand the edge vs chamfer. Very nice BTW
  16. So even if I buy something not on your page as long as I go through your page it helps?
  17. Great job Chet!! Nothing better then nice clean work where every detail gets the same attention.
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