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  1. I actually have both and use them quite often. the lighting in our great room is really poor so if I read its typically in the bedroom chair. We also have an armoire which provides three drawers for the wife's cloths and the top section is used to store electronics for the surround sound system in the bedroom.
  2. Beautiful wood there!! I look forward to following the build. Curious (if you're comfortable sharing) what you paid for that Sapele? After your BB bargain to say I am jealous would be an understatement. I lost my main source of local lumber for condo's about a year ago and I am still trying to find a replacement. On another note if you get a chance would you send me a pic of your parallel clamp rack? I am going to switch mine up to a design like that so I can regain some much needed wall space in my shop.
  3. pkinneb

    Drum sander

    I have a General International (no longer in production) 2 drum 25" I run 80 on the first drum and 120 on the second. Early on the open end machines were really problematic but in more recent years it appears they have been greatly improved. While I cannot recall a time when I needed to sand something wider than about 20" or so I imagine for a table top it might come in handy.
  4. Really depends. In my case I needed 30" wide x 10' long for my project so two sheets covers me where it would have taken 3 sheets of 4x8. Since at that point the cost was about the same I went with the higher quality BB which is so nice to work with 🙂 Having said that if I was building cabinets i would have gone a different route. What I typically will not do is buy big box store plywood, while cheaper I have just had to many issues with it. I bought a sheet from Menards a couple years back and it was so bad as I cut it up it started delaminating, while I suspect this was a manufacturing
  5. No kidding that makes two of us!! What are you doing carrying it off the boat Chet LOL. I suspect finding something cheaper in CA doesn't happen to often but that's crazy cheap compared to $58 a sheet.
  6. Great execution Chet!! On another note you seriously got 3/4" 5x5 BB for $35? I just paid $58 a sheet and had a heck of a time finding it at all.
  7. LOL I was thinking the same thing Kev
  8. Great job on the matches Chet!!
  9. How do you count your steps 🤣
  10. Nice! I took a class from him a couple years back, I think it was put on by the Minnesota WW Guild IIRC. Really nice guy I learned a lot from him.
  11. I’ll report back if I see any issues over time but I have used the miter slot version for several years with no issues this version is just so much easier to set and adjust over the miter slot version.
  12. Since we have had a few posts lately about high priced tools that work really well I thought I would throw this out there. I purchased my InstaGRIP Featherboard Body by BOW Products last fall when it was on sale not realizing how much the Magswitch Magjigs were. Since the kids are always looking for xmas gifts I put a set of them on my amazon wish list and was lucky enough to get a set. Man does this thing work well!! Piece of cake to adjust in a just a second another over priced tool that works really really well 🙂
  13. My MG36 got its first real work out today the adjustable stop is a major game changer, so easy to dial it in exactly where you want it.
  14. I always find this amusing as well. I mean do people really think that when I was 25 with 3 kids under 3 I could really afford Festool, Lie Nielsen, etc heck no but I still made a lot of things. Having said that i'm not 25 anymore have my shop pretty much where I want it and if I want to buy $500 router or plane, well I do and I for one don't feel a bit guilty about it 🙂
  15. I'm right there with you Chet!! I tell my kids on Instagram I follow woodworkers and stalk them 🙂
  16. Hmm getting me back for the miter gauge huh LOL I was eying that set and then they put it on sale, I almost pulled the trigger but thought I would think about it, that was yesterday, and now this 😀
  17. For me the CT22 changed my world. Adding that to an already robust dust collection system seriously cut down on dust in my shop. Next would be the track saw again it allowed me to down size my table saw from a large inaccurate slider to a much smaller sliding table. Now I cut all sheet goods outside on a piece of 2" foam prior to bringing them into the shop. Next would be the OF1400 and OF2200 routers I love me some routers I think I was at 11 at last count but these two work so well with above average dust collection and spot on fences and adjustments. Finally the sanders I have 4 I think an
  18. Agreed. I know they can be adjusted just need to determine how 🙂
  19. I agree but this seems like to much resistance. I did that just today. I will probably live with it for a bit and see if it gets better
  20. I made the base and love it I need to add the L fence to the list 🙂
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