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  1. that turned out amazing!!
  2. ah ... sorry for the confusion ... The 6" will always be 6", just with a flexi hose for now. The 4" will be another flexi hose that I currently have running to my TS, jointer, planer. So I will have 2 runs
  3. well I monkied up and finally pulled off the inlet port now I am not sure where I can buy another inlet port ... I found this from Oneida, but not sure that would work ?? especially since I am planning on just running 2 flexi hoses from there
  4. this is from the manual ... and then the install part ... about to just go monkey on this thing and beat it to death haha
  5. yes removed it ... according to the manual it "snaps" on, but I dont see anywhere where it could snap on haha. Found this out there, dont want to pay $50 .. gonna see if I can 'unsnap' that piece or I might just cut it off haha https://www.ereplacementparts.com/inlet-guard-p-447469.html
  6. I am trying to upgrade my DC to start with a 6" outlet from the dual 4" on there now. What is that black piece called and where can I find a 6" version or even a 6" and 4" split? I have looked around and have not seen anything that looks like that.
  7. I have the same jig Chet does, came with my PM. Although I have not yet had to change the blades on it, but they are getting kinds close to needing to be changed. Just dreading it 🙂
  8. haha just found this one after I commented on the other 🙂 ... looking great!! Sweet looking sacrificial fence you got there. What all can it do?
  9. great write up Chet!! Were you just practicing this or making boxes for something?
  10. haha great looking screw up there!! 🙂 good idea though keeping it from being banged up!
  11. pretty sure that can be arranged ... I mean $45 a BF seems legit for oak right? 😛
  12. ahhhh now it makes sense 🙂 thanks for that! Looks great by the way!!
  13. how is the hardboard attached? Are there dados I cant see?
  14. so far so good for me, I will keep an eye out though!
  15. all this means with that workoholic nature of yours ... you can now compete with Kev on project output 😛 haha! Congrats on the retirement and hopefully you dont drive your insane 🙂
  16. What’s causing the prices to up past couple months? What does that oak pricing turn into if it’s kiln dried?
  17. these are coming together great!! Those seats look very nice as well!
  18. a tiger maple cradle ... wooooow, that baby is living the good life haha
  19. just saw this today ... and since I recently have cut quite a few of these miters on the TS, I was curious your thoughts ...
  20. Since you already bought the laguna ... that was the laguna I am seriously considering as well in the handful I am looking at. I like the full solid piece and not 2 pieces. Did you happen to look into the Harvey version at all?
  21. “Santa” changed his mind and I was on the hook for a desk ASAP. So that’s why there isn’t too many pics. I’ll get a pic of the final tomorrow when I get it installed in her room.
  22. perfect, works for me if you are happy with it ? Will be ordering this one then! Thanks Kev!
  23. So I am thinking of picking one of these up for an upcoming project and just in general ... However, I am curious, would the telescoping option from them be better than the normal, sized ones? Like the 1000X series? Not sure how sturdy that arm is if I am pushing something lets say 35-40" long and maybe like 6/4 so kinda heavy ... The below is the 3000X series with this feature
  24. @Spanky I miss seeing that amazing looking wood you cut up ...
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