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  1. Shouldn't be too hard to move with all the shortages in the supply lines right now.
  2. Wow Bryan are you giving up the sanding stage on your projects? Are you going the hand plane route?
  3. On the nightstands that I am copying the thru tenons are fake and then to top it off there is no top apron either so that makes them just dumb. I drew them in because they where on the originals but never really planned to incorporate them. They are edge grain to edge grain but I did put in a few small floating mortises just cuz. The legs are 2 inches square the aprons are 3/4" and I just used floating tenons with mortises.
  4. Next thing I did was get the top on and trimmed it out with some shop made molding and added a banding detail around the case at the base and below the top drawer. There is one other detail I am adding. I am doing a faux through tenon with a pyramid design on top on the from two legs. I removed most of the waste with a forstner bit. Then I clamped my template and routed out the rest. Then leaving the template in place, I cleaned up the corners with a chisel. and it left me with this on the two front corners.
  5. Chet

    Welcome Bmac

    Enough chit chat Bmac time to start posting some of you cool journals. 😂
  6. Yea she just likes to give me a hard time about all my excessive markings on my work pieces that keeps me from screwing up.
  7. No this is a single set up, not a set. I think they have three different sizes based on the dill bit part but I got the one that works with 95% of the screws I use. I think the counter sink part is the same on all three just the drill is different I'll take some pictures of this one tomorrow and get them to you so you get a better idea of how it works. I think I know the set you are talking about and this one is pretty different.
  8. She thought they were two different designs so I would remember which one went on which side of the bed when I got them in the house.
  9. Thats the Same one Marc uses, its from Amana tools. I really like it, the counter sink and drill depth are both adjustable so when you get to the center sink depth you set, you can't go any deeper, goof proof for people like me. They are a little pricey ($35) but really worth it in my opinion.
  10. I need to get this caught up. I built the drawer boxes using 1/2 baltic birch ply with 1/4 ply bottoms. I used a half blind Tongue and Rabbet joint for the front corners and dado for the back piece. This is a Half Blind Tongue and Rabbet joint. You may have heard it called a bunch of other names but I first saw it in a book written by Tage Frid clear back in 1979 so I am using the name he used. All six drawers in their future location After this I started on the dovetail drawer slides. Starting with the female section I hog out most of the waste using my dad
  11. I say this with all due respect. Just remember its called a safety trigger not a gets in my way trigger. Its there to make you think about what you are doing. I hope before you have an accident, you rethink this. Please. Yea, I do Coop. One thing I know about pneumatic tools of any sort is they don't get along with dust of any nature. I don't think most pin nailers work this way. They are a finish tool and you don't want to have an extra ding or dent in you project from banging the head to fire.
  12. This is probably one of those things that the "fix" got discussed longer then it would have taken to to make a new one.
  13. Lol, If you made it look like a dribble of juice the owners would constantly be trying to wipe it off.
  14. Thats because the puppy knows you aren't the boss.
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