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  1. Actually this would work on any size box if you wanted. First thing what I show here I learned while taking a class of Matt Kenney's, so the credit goes to him. You start out with you stock mill on both faces and both edges and you also want to true up the two ends. You don't want to do that down the road. You want to start with a perfect stick of wood. I mark mine up a lot to keep things straight. I put an "A" on one end, both sides and a "B" on the other end both sides. I also make "Fence Side" on one side and "Outside" on the other just because. Th
  2. I took a class on box building taught by Matt, that is were I learned the techniques. My mistake it should have been 12".
  3. Yes. Maybe I can do a Photo demonstration of the process. Its pretty simple once you see it.
  4. I have had this idea of building a small box, like something you would keep small items, maybe jewelry or other bobbles, and using smaller boxes as lids for some of the compartments. Woodworking is probably to the point where anything you think up has probably been done and I am sure this is one of them. This will be my spin on whoever had this idea first. The bottom box will be about about 7 inches deep 12 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high and have five compartments. I am using a technique for cutting the wood that will create a grain match wrap around at all four corners of the box.
  5. Chet

    Veneer Pieces

    I have heard this guy on a few podcasts https://ramonvaldezfinefurniture.com He always gives out his contact information for peoples question and he seems like he really wants to help. He does a lot of work with veneers including some beautiful marquetry. He has a contact form on his website above
  6. That is a great looking dining set. That should serve you well for many decades and your kids for many decades after that.
  7. Well there probably are but, they probably aren't visiting this sight. No offense Kev.
  8. I have notice that a major portion of the Guest I.P. address's are from the asian countries.
  9. If I was to get rid of my Fuji HVLP I think the one I would be looking at is the Greco HVLP with "Smart Start". The turbine motor only runs when you pull the trigger on you gun. Lot less noise and less wear and tear on the turbine.
  10. A project with a lot of tight corners is the reason decided to add the smaller gravity feed gun to my set up.
  11. I will store my new branding iron in one of my tool drawers but it seems like an item the could get banged or nicked up so today I built a box out of some leftover poplar I had. I used box joints and a sliding top. When I cut the top, I screwed up my measurement by and inch and because I was using scraps for the project I didn't have another piece that would work so I added a piece of wenge on the end as a pull. I did a couple of coats of blonde de-waxed shellac that I had a small amount of left in the jar. The wenge is rounded on the end, then I coved the top with a ra
  12. I think that has a lot to do with it. If they are in a area where things are limited as to what percent of your work force can be there at any given time, things are bound to go slow. Patience is definitely a virtue these days.
  13. I received this branding iron for Christmas from my daughter and family. My granddaughter came up with the design including designing the font itself. It takes about ten minutes to warm up, I tried it after five minutes but it wasn't hot enough at that point. It does take a little trial and error to get the touch down. Here is what I learned at least with this one, other company's branding irons may be different. You don't have to press hard, you just need to apply enough pressure to hold it in place, to much pressure and you don't get a crisp image. If I tried to hold it
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