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  1. R.I.P. Dusty Hill. Going to miss your bass playin'.
  2. Chet


    Maybe you could hit the routed shapes and lettering with a propane or MAPP gas torch and then run it though the drum sander to clean up the edges to get them crisp looking again.
  3. I would use a round over bit in the router with a bearing. I myself would probably use a hand held router as apposed to the router table and have the bottom side of the table top up to do the work.
  4. So do I. Nice looking project so far.
  5. Chet

    Track Saws

    Good thought, didn't think of that.
  6. Not a bad idea. certainly would be a strong joint. I have seen this before, the first time was one of the big name woodworkers, can't remember who, they made their own dominos out of a wood that accentuated the project.
  7. Chet

    Track Saws

    I have the Festool TS 55 the smaller of the two corded saws. I think I would want to use a cordless version before committing to it. I would like to see how it felt balance wise compared to the one I have. Its probably just because I have the Festool but recently my neighbor bought a Mikita track saw and it seemed nice enough but it just felt different in the plunging action. I would imagine that if that was the only one you ever used it would be fine but I like my Festool. Just if you are interested I like having a 55 inch track and a 75 inch track instead of a long single track. I have the two bars that allow me to join then together if needed. They slide in on the bottom side with set screws to tighten them in place. There is no performance lose with this set up, you don't even feel the saw going over the joint of the two tracks. Its easier to find storage for two short tracks in my garage shop as apposed to one long one. The TS 55 has a depth of cut of 1-15/16" at 90° when using the track. I clamp the track on critical cuts but the track does a good job by itself.
  8. I ran a custom made heavy duty extension cord along my over head ducting for my DC to the right side of my table saw to power my DC which sits just to the right of my table saw. I just used zip ties every so often to hold it in place.
  9. No, they can slide some if you kick them or something like that. But with them being Yellow (I see now they went to Orange) you see them out of the corner of you eye. They have some weight to them but not so much that they stay put when kicked. But if they do slide the cord stays under and even with the fact that they can slide I still like that better then catching a cord with my toe and going down.
  10. I use these in one spot for cords in my shop everything else is out of the way. I have two pretty heavy duty cords under them, I think I could get three if needed. I ordered them from Uline. I have two of the smaller ones, 36"X5"X1". They are designed to interlock end to end. https://www.uline.com/BL_2869/Pedestrian-Cable-Protectors My Tablesaw sits the same as your but with a little less then 5 Ft. behind me and it works well. My Jointer sits behind me when I am at the saw so if it is something like a 5 X 5 sheet of ply I just rest it up over the jointers pork chop for the firs few inches.
  11. Chet

    New Badges

    I could care less about them, but it seems kind of silly to make someone a mentor just cause they talk a lot ,lol Wish I had thought of this.
  12. I could come real close to calling a game changer in the miter gauge world. Being able to adjust the stop block and everything with the turn of a knob instead of need a tool like Incra is great. In addition to that, the micro adjust feature built in to the stop block is real useful, I am surprised at how much I have use it when fitting parts.
  13. One of these days you will have a router table experience that will make say, right after you change you diaper, OH, thats why they use the pin.🤣
  14. This is what I was thinking of trying. I was thinking of doing it in a few passes, raising the bit a little at a time. Bob when you did this, did you use a pivot pin in you router table.
  15. I was planning on cutting the circle on my band saw with the circle cutting jig and then I wanted to bevel the bottom edge of the circle. Its going to end up as a stool seat.
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