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  1. Chet

    Welcome DMcnair

    Welcome to the forums Daniel
  2. Chet

    M18 weed eater

    I have been and of eyeballing the trimmer. I have a youtube review on my list of things to watch. My tools are all M18 so I hope I can just get the bare tool when I am ready.
  3. I think Rocklers search is pretty close to useless. You almost need the item or stock number to make it work. Woodcraft isn't much better.
  4. I don't have anything that wide, I do have a dresser with 34 inch wide drawers that look and operate fine. I also have a 150 year old slant front desk with 32 inch wide drawers which still function well.
  5. Thats a bummer abut the cutters being off. When I was doing my kitchen doors recently I brain farted and didn't allow for the tongue on the rails. It worked out where each set went down one size and I had to make new ones for the smallest sets of rails. I number on the end grain then once I have the joint cut I start labeling the tenon and mortises. I have gotten pretty good at writing legibly inside a mortise. I use a number and letter on everything, i.e. 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, so matting mortise and tenons will both say 1a. And like you said it is a matter of coming up with your s
  6. Chet

    Drum sander

    Thats a nice find Jamie. I wonder if you new machine was dusty because of being hocked up to a less the proper dust collector.
  7. I can't think of any process that would make me want to plunge cut on a TS, it just seems like a process that would do nothing but create an open opportunity for a kick back. My choices, in order of preference, would be hand held router with my two fences, plunge on the router table or a rabbet and then a fill strip on the inside like you did with your bathroom door project.
  8. That Is a great Poem I have one serious complaint about Memorial Day. It bothers me beyond words I can us on the forum that so many companies use Memorial Day as a reason to by their products. I wish there was more reverence connected with the day.
  9. My thinking is this. Non of us want to pay more then we have to for lumber, but you wouldn't be able to buy the quality you are going to build for $400.
  10. Red oak is cheaper then a twisted 2 X 4.
  11. When I did my kitchen I primed the maple, I wanted to make sure the paint bonds
  12. I talked with Steve once about hardwoods to be painted. His number one choice was maple. I used maple one my kitchen cabinet doors when I did the renovation last fall. Primes and paints real nice, I highly recommend it.
  13. Yes I did and they said not at this time. Hopefully someday things will change
  14. I wish they sold extra stops. There are times it would be nice to have two setups.
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