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  1. dang too bad you didnt have the amazon link when I ordered my sawstop 😞
  2. Thanks! I think I will go grab some of those since it will be quick.
  3. looking for 2 gates, a 4" and 6". I noticed running them both open, the collection is not as good as it should be. So sucking it up and spending a little more $$ to get it right. What do yall recommend? I have read several things going back and forth on almost all gates out there and even the custom made ones.
  4. 23ga has been on my wish list for years ... just never could justify it as I am not sure I would use it too much, yet. Just need that 1 big project and its coming home with me haha
  5. sorry, by lights I meant car lights haha ... we do have a street light like 2 houses down, so it is kind lit, but not really
  6. LOL! maybe all their money goes to the mortgage ... Well, my initial thought was that the lights would reflect off the silver and you could see the numbers ... maybe not?
  7. hah! Ya, I had to double check that price tag ?
  8. Thanks Kev! I will probably give that a try since Epip seems super highly rated ... never used it before since I have never had the need to.
  9. I’ve looked around and watched a few of marcs videos too on his outdoor stuff. what are y’all’s go to finishes for outdoors? This sign will be on a mailbox so it’s gonna get beat to death by sun/rain As for keeping the brushed aluminum plate on I was thinking of just using epoxy on the back of the numbers and the pocket it sits in to hold it. Any better ways?
  10. wont even be able to tell in the end with the great looking repair! 104BF of Sapele would be amazing to play with! These are going to look amazing!!
  11. that turned out amazing!!
  12. ah ... sorry for the confusion ... The 6" will always be 6", just with a flexi hose for now. The 4" will be another flexi hose that I currently have running to my TS, jointer, planer. So I will have 2 runs
  13. well I monkied up and finally pulled off the inlet port now I am not sure where I can buy another inlet port ... I found this from Oneida, but not sure that would work ?? especially since I am planning on just running 2 flexi hoses from there
  14. this is from the manual ... and then the install part ... about to just go monkey on this thing and beat it to death haha
  15. yes removed it ... according to the manual it "snaps" on, but I dont see anywhere where it could snap on haha. Found this out there, dont want to pay $50 .. gonna see if I can 'unsnap' that piece or I might just cut it off haha https://www.ereplacementparts.com/inlet-guard-p-447469.html
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