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  1. Getting lots of sanding done .. Cutting and painting some metal “stops” for the bed to connect to the floor in the kitchen. starting work on the sink area.
  2. No, was debating on the folding bed and all that ... decided not to on this. There should be enough foam pads to move around to create a bench against one of the walls. Also, can use the bumper as a footrest if you are sitting in the back. Not super comfy, but can be done. The front captains chairs do not swivel, this van isnt that fancy 🙂 LOL!
  3. Interesting thought on the mats. Going to have to look into that as that does sound like a great keep clean solution. paint eh? Didn’t even cross my mind … what color would you be thinking for the wood? White? I’ll have to bring this up to my buddy. Lol!! Shag carpet in those big conversion vans. I remember my moms and she’d drive around the baseball team when we were little. I was thinking that but not sure on how well the weather would be or how slippery etc if it got wet boots on it Test fitting the foam pads … I’m 6’2 and I fit diagonally accord without bending goofy. I was surprised by this. starting work on the sink …
  4. When my buddy called me up and mentioned he’d been watching a lot of YouTube and bought a minivan for me to convert, I first laughed and thought he was kidding . He wasn’t so I said hell ya let’s do it!! the sweet ride … overall design idea at the moment .. getting a template cutout for the in floor storage… Gluing the bigger pieces together this is pretty fun getting to do something out of the ordinary! my main question for now is what type of finish would be good for this? Mainly thinking of the floor in the “kitchen” area where shoes/dirt/water/mud will be in contact with it. I was thinking maybe shellac or something cheap for the majority of everything?
  5. Saw this in a FB group and figured I’d share as I have never seen it like this before .. super simple looking and cuts both side
  6. I just went with 2 coats of shellac ... had a little bit left in the can and worked out to be just enough.
  7. That was pretty neat! Some people really do have that 'out of box' ability
  8. ended up redoing the top piece that was ruined ... went with some gorilla epoxy, as it was at HD and I could get it right then. Dabbed it into the hole with a smaller dowel and then rubbed the edges a little with it. The hinges seem to be stuck in there pretty good now ... what a pain in the ass!! Took way more time than it should have haha. Guess next time I need to go with different hinges if its going to be that small, or upgrade to bigger hinges with the actual screw you can use to tighten. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Not these … not sure if too small or Chinese knock off but this is the inside …
  10. I have these barrel hinges for a little ring box I am making. Ruined the first round because I tried CA glue and it got into the hinge mechanism and clogged it all up. Assuming I just put too much in there … but is CA glue still the best idea to glue them in? this was after I ruined it and drilled out that hinge
  11. Thanks guys!! yes I went with a film topping as it had a cool pattern however it was put on only with water and static?? I’m not sure how well it will hold up. I wouldn’t recommend the film on it either and I won’t use it again. It was easy to install and everything I just don’t think it is going to last long and not bubble. A couple other pics… it was super hard to get the texture from the film in picture
  12. Sorry got a little busy with sport seasons kicking off … we got 2 soccers, a baseball and a softball season haha. We kinda busy. I will take a few better pics tomorrow when I get some free time. Here is a quick and dirty one though.
  13. LOL! I see what you did there 😉 I need to get better at remembering to use it
  14. Does anyone have any idea on where to get just the velvet ring holders like this: https://www.target.com/p/juvale-5-pack-black-velvet-ring-display-trays-holder-organizer-jewelry-storage-case-pad-3-slots-black-5-5-x-3-3-x-0-78-inches/-/A-78771249 Is there any place outside of target to get these? I just need the holder like the picture as its going into a box ... Never messed with this type of thing before. Can you make your own?
  15. is he still using it or has life gotten in the way?
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