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  1. Looking great Chet! I like the banding. Couple of questions: 1) why did you decide to do away with the thru tenons on the front of the legs as in the initial design? 2) the side panels are flush with the legs. Are they set and glued into rabbets or did you rabbet the panels to fit into grooves in the legs. Hope the terminology is correct? 3) the legs are proud of the aprons. How did you perform that? I went back thru this thread and zoomed into the pics but couldn’t pick these out.
  2. Coop


    Thanks Bryan. I have some qtr sawn sycamore that I got from @Spanky and will use it as it will be under the patio cover and will be easier to work with. Chestnut on WTO recommend an outdoor finish and I will use it.
  3. Coop


    Bryan, how long ago did you use it and what is the color now compared to when you used it? What did you use it for?
  4. Coop


    Yeah, further investigation says on the Janna scale, it the second hardest wood in the world. Perhaps I should choose an alternate. Thanks
  5. Coop


    Either my search skills are lacking or it hasn’t been mentioned on here. I need to build a couple of small end tables for our patio and if I like the resulting looks of the wood, a couple of larger tables. Google search shows it used mainly for decking. Have any of you had experience with this stuff?
  6. Is this for a set? Someone somewhere posted a set from one of the big box stores that the depth was adjustable and I bought them. The adjustment is a pair of Allen screws that set into the flute of a tapered bit. Probably my fault but the bit broke and it wasn’t a replaceable bit. Chunk that one. I’m not sure I don’t care about the price but just hate like heck to put good money after bad.
  7. Looking great Chet! Yeah, I would think the female first, then the male, like mortise and tenons. What counter sink bit are you using?
  8. No apologies necessary bud! We appreciate all that you do to keep this great site in order. Minor inconvenience!
  9. Please provide a reference location or link to the previous post. I’m the worlds worst at searching for these kind of things. What will this be used for?
  10. @Chet, on a similar note, will this nailer live in the original hard case? The reason for asking is that I’ve heard several people say they discard them but not the Festool sustainers. For me, a tool that is used infrequently stays in the original box.
  11. I recently bought my first pin nailer to hold the glass retainer strips in my door and can see using it frequently. It’s a Bostitch 23 ga. and it works great. The only down side is that the safety is a double trigger and you don’t depress the head to fire it. I learned quickly though after one misfire. I returned my first Amazon product Saturday and kind of felt bad about sending it back but ...... not really!
  12. LOL! Verbatim! Get off the sofa!!!!! But honey .......... This got high jacked fast. Sorry!
  13. Funny but true. Between the three of us, the puppy rules and that needs to be changed. All of my adult life, I’ve had labs and have trained them as pets and as retrievers. This damn Goldendoodle needs to be sent back to doggy heaven to be re-programmed.
  14. You contradict yourself. The first post you said under addition info that it is end grain and in your last, you said face grain. Can you flip it over and declare the good side as the top by putting a juice groove in it?
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