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  1. Nice! Now to find you some 1/4x20 square nuts and grind them down to fit the slots for your sacrificial zci fence.
  2. Probably to allow for the miter cuts? Had second thoughts but could not delete this.
  3. Coop

    Spanky's Lumber

    Aside from the walnut I bought for my door jamb and trim, which was $10.25 bf, I haven’t bought any in a while. I thought you said it was dirt cheap and you couldn’t get rid of it by giving it away and paying the freight?
  4. Maybe for others but, yes please. That’s the way I do it.
  5. To get the grain match all the way around, did you resaw the boards for the sides? i like your idea about the spacer. Darn, you did get the nuts to fit in your miter gauge! I guess I’d better get back to the grinder!
  6. Coop

    Veneer Pieces

    Thanks guys. Never thought about the MC, same as with lumber. I will leave them as is until a project comes along.
  7. Coop

    Veneer Pieces

    A neighbor that worked with antiques recently passed away and his wife gave me these pieces. She said he bought these years ago and never used them. They have been stored in a non tempered shed. If I were to guess, I’d say walnut. I’ve never done veneering before but I hate to see these go to waste so may try it. Given the history, should anything be done to these before I unroll them like hydrate them?
  8. DAMN! I’ll be less concerned about guests in the future! Thanks Chet and Kev. Does that mean there are a lot of potential Asian woodworkers out there? 😂
  9. Beautiful job Jamie! And I don’t see a dinner napkin shim one under the legs! 😀
  10. Kev, what is a bot and what kind of data are they looking for and how do they use it?
  11. I would have to brand the lid so I would remember what was in there. I find my iron somewhat inconsistent in the depth and color which I am sure it is due to uneven pressure on my part. I now cut 1/4” thick strips of maple and cherry and brand these strips and sand them a bit for consistency of color and discard the ugly ones, then glue a good one in place.
  12. My wife was snoring so I decided to come out to the shop to see what was going on here. I clicked on “online users” and there were 2 members and 58 guests. I guess you can say that I really was bored to have counted them all. Guests, apparently some of you are woodworkers or potential or you wouldn’t be lurking. We would all like to hear what you have to offer, as insignificant as you may seem it to be. Lordy knows we don’t know it all. Become a welcome member, no selfies required! 😀 just saying as a member myself.
  13. Did you cover your little helper with a drop cloth before spraying? 😀 Looking great Jamie!
  14. Coop

    Spanky's Lumber

    My son takes his to Chic-Fil-A and a friend in Austin takes his to Sonic. I wait until my neighbor feeds her cats at night and go steal the food from their bowls. Difference in having money and not!
  15. Neat looking sliding lid box! Ideas for sure.
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