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  1. Beautiful family Jamie! It’s quiet obvious that the girls got their good looks from mom! 😀
  2. Can’t help you there. Perfection at screwing, comes with practice. 😀
  3. How heavy is the item you are trying to hang? I can’t say that I have ever snapped a screw out of the wood using the hangers you show. The d rings you referenced show a support load of 10# and the cable of 30#. If my pic or mirror is too heavy or wide, I will use two hooks mounted on the wall at quarter points to help distribute the weight and stress. You might also just use the d rings with two wall hooks and eliminate the cable all together.
  4. I used this kind of glass on my door and it looks sharp against the walnut.
  5. From the new pic, I like the design!
  6. Giving it more thought, I think a thin inlay or laminated piece of maple centered or not, around the perimeter of the top would look good.
  7. If the maple accents are the thin strips that you see in the first frame of the video, I don’t see them being worth the effort. JMO but the glass breaks up any continuity they would have, from one side to the other. And I do like maple and walnut in a build. Not to bust your bubble.
  8. How did you make the stars?
  9. I’ve made thru dominos before but not intentionally? 😳
  10. Pocket holes from below sounds like a darn reasonable idea.
  11. Coop

    Track Saws

    I guess, as saw horses are required either way when working with ply, I might as well just stick with the setup I have. As is, I can pull the ply from my truck or trailer onto the 1” pink foam board laying on the grass or driveway. I cut the foam board to be just shy of 96” to accommodate the clamps for my guide.
  12. Coop

    Track Saws

    Appreciate all of the advice! The strips you mention on the track to hold it in place, are these some type of high friction rubber strips? Yes, the biggest majority of my use would be for breaking down sheet goods so regardless of whether I use my setup or a track saw, clamps are required in my case and suggested with the track saw. My biggest bitch now is that to use mine with the clamps, a set of saw horses are required. I was hoping that with a track saw, that wouldn’t be the case.
  13. Coop

    Track Saws

    Not to distract from or hj the previous thread by @KoDean, I thought I would start my own. Over the years there have been many threads about the track saw and at the time, I had no interest and paid no attention but now I think this needs to be my next purchase. But before spending my grandkids inheritance, I thought I better do some research. Right now, I use an aluminum track that is in two 4’ sections and can be joined together. There are two screw type clamps that hold it to the ply on each end. The foot of the circ saw rides against the edge. Due to the clamps, the ply can’t be laid flat on a piece of styrofoam on the floor so saw horses or other type of support is required. Questions: 1) How does the track attach to the sheet goods? 2) Festool seems to be the King here but are there others almost just as good 3) corded or dc powered I have done some research but trust opinions here as apposed to some yahoo that gets paid by a sponsor.
  14. I took my armoire to my brothers house today to put the primer coat on. You are right. To fill the hose probably took a pint of paint. He has made an adapter to his sprayer to reclaim the paint in the hose using air pressure. Thank goodness as I will be using Benjamin Moore paint at $75 per gallon.
  15. Coop

    New Badges

    I use an iPad so I’ll just be creative😀
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