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  1. Those turned out awesome. Great job
  2. Congrats on the retirement. 6 whole days a month extra shop days a month.?. Enjoy it and everything else to the fullest.
  3. That is the way must all my other drawers are done. I use luan plywood instead I run them thru the table saw an half lap them on either 1” or 2” centers depending on what IM putting in the drawer
  4. I figured I would bring this thread back from the grave. To all the organization experts out there I’ve been going thru all my drawers one by one over the past few months. I’ve been building dividers an trays to get everything in neat order. I come to my saw files,rasps and other files an I’m lost on this one. I got the veratis saw file roll an it’s great up I keep a surplus of my most common files that want fit in the roll. Any suggestions?
  5. Since it will be on the floor I don’t think you will have the problem I was talking about. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Could you put a cleat down on the bottom of the down for it to sit on. Similar to French cleat just backwards on the bottom to help hold the weight of the door. The shear weight of a hickory door would be a lot for 6-8 magnets. But if you had it resting on something the magnets would only have to hold it to the blower not the weight of the door.
  7. Aren’t they the same company that bought bridge city tools?
  8. To me the major upgrade to this machine over the 14/12 or the current grizzly is the foot brake. I know some don’t see this as a big deal but I know in the year I’ve had mine 14/12 I’ve wished I could stop it quickly to make a fence adjustment real quick. Yes more power is always great to. Just a side not you can change the tap up on most motors now to convert them to 240v from 120v. I know my rigid ts an Laguna bandsaw you can.
  9. Are you staining these or just doing a clear coat on the red oak?
  10. Wow now that is some Christmas loot. I’ve looked at the story stick pro a couple times just never seem to pull the trigger. Oh by the way welcome to the forums.
  11. Like my post earlier said Christmas gifts to myself I’ve gotten in the past couple weeks
  12. That’s us we give the kids presents an we just kinda get what we want as the year goes. If it counts I got a veritas skew rabbet plane from eBay a week or so ago an few saws I’m refurbishing. Other than that my dad gave me some cash
  13. Tmize

    Welcome Logos!

    Welcome looking forward to seeing your projects.
  14. I have nothing againest pocket screws an will use them from time to time. I just enjoy doing joinery is the only reason I do m&t face frames.
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