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  1. Tmize


    Bad habits die hard
  2. Tmize


    I’m awful at shutting the tool drawers after I get a tool out while I’m working. So I have all them about 5’ behind in 2 different low cabinets. That way when I don’t shut a drawer I’m not hitting my knee or shin on them. 😁
  3. Tmize


    I think I come in just under you on my bench at $900 with the hardware. With 3 1/2” soft maple top an popular base. I didn’t build a base cabinet under it tho. Which to be honest I don’t regret at all not building. I may add a shelf one day. I used the LV leg vise thread an bench craft crisscross.
  4. If it can be broke, kids will figure out how to do it by (accident)😆
  5. I think what kev showed would work better. We have the once’s that coop linked an they work great for about a year then you just have to keep fiddling with them to lock in place. Of course we have kids an they could have just broke them an I just haven’t noticed enough. 🤔
  6. Both my houses have had basement an you just tend to buy more crap. If you have extra no matter how much extra you think it is you will fill it up an wonder where it all went. I’ll be starting a mud room type build in our garage here this winter. My wife has been designing for close to 2 years now.
  7. I know I really need to get more creative with my ts use than just putting a parallel edge on a board 😆
  8. I’ve got a bunch of t track I bought months ago. I was planning on building several jigs with it. I guess sooner or later I need to get back in the shop an build them. I will definitely go thru this thread when I get the time some real good jigs in here.
  9. Tmize

    M18 weed eater

    I bought one of these about a month ago. An I love it the is only comparable to the Sthil commercial grade weed eater my dad has. I’ve always ran Milwaukee tools at work an have slowly been picking up a lot of there tools I don’t have at work for the house. Their nail guns are awesome to for a battery power. I bought the 16gauge finish nailer for trim work around the house. Got tried of dragging the pancake compressor around. The paper work says it will shoot about 325 nails on one battery. I haven’t tested yet but I shot around 100 today a went down only one bar on battery life with a 5.0 battery
  10. Only to options I see left since it is already cut to fit is pocket hole into the legs or dowels. I like the flag👍
  11. On my iPhone just click on the icon an it pulls up the whole list on badges an when that person completed on level an moved up to the next.
  12. Tmize

    Welcome TWHaynes

    Welcome to forum.
  13. I agree with Bryan the faux tenon thru the front was to busy. The way you cleaned it up took the piece to another level great job.
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