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  1. Jamie, in Rockler’s new sales brochure they advertise 15% off of their Timbercast epoxy. I have never used or heard of it.
  2. HA! You think now. Wait till your bride gets my wife’s age! 🤐 sure glad she doesn’t follow this forum! 😀
  3. Jamie, does the width of 16-19” wide include the split part off to the right in the second to last pic? How do you propose to form the river design? Maybe what you have in mind but I was thinking ripping the slab down the middle, then ripping part of the live edge off of each side until a large part the live edge is now parallel to it’s other edge. Then put the two live edges together to form the center of the desk and the remaining part of your live edges will form the river part and the outside edges of the top will be square. If you still need added depth, front to back, rip the live edge o
  4. The reading spot was her original intent with the added space. We added a 16’ x 16’ to the back of our house to include two walk in closets and a master bath which for us was like going from a Motel 6 to the Biltmore. You are right, happy wife, ....
  5. Now that we have a much larger master bedroom, we have room for more stuff. At first my wife thought a table and chair for reading in one corner was the go to and now she thinks maybe an armoire with drawers would be better. It sure seems like a wasted space in a corner for something with drawers? Any ideas?
  6. Sounds like a good day! I see a lot of Kev’s cleanliness in your shop! My goal for 2021. Or was that for organization? 🤔
  7. I agree and that’s the reason Amazon will be here tomorrow with mine!
  8. Wish I had that machine although my only dissatisfaction with my Grizz is that it’s a 6”. Do me a favor and the next time you recommend a product, put a ☠️ in front of the post. That will notify me not to read it, thus saving me money😀. Just kidding as this does look like a neat tool although not often used!
  9. Chet, do you have the Grizz jointer?
  10. You have my support bud! Be it end tables, cutting boards, chest of drawers, wood working is unique to all!
  11. Welcome bud to the forum(s)!
  12. Only one of three sources of hardwood have it here and they sell it rough cut as exotics and it’s $10.48 bf.
  13. So the pic you show is from the lumber yard where you can see the grain that you are getting? My sources here offer rough sawn and S4S as the only two choices and the grain on the rough sawn is a crap shoot.
  14. I get confused. Is S3S not sold by the linear ft., and not bf?
  15. I think the rounded feet look better. Justification to buy another lathe and tools! 😀
  16. The bottom and top of the bed post looked to be turned.
  17. This is really gonna be cool to follow! I’m as equally impressed with your grid drawings as I am with the design and wood. You have a lathe?
  18. Coop

    Drum sander

    That has to be darn handy, not to have to swap out grits but I can’t visualize how it works. Do the drums roll in and out of place?
  19. Coop

    Drum sander

    I have the Jet 16/32 and nothing to compare it to, I think it to be under powered. Gotta take baby steps with it.
  20. Never thought about doing that. Beats the heck out of using 3/4” cherry ply.
  21. You mentioned that nothing is wall to wall. Will the exposed carcass/box sides be cherry ply?
  22. Jamie, don’t remember, do you have a Domino? Also, what will the boxes be made of?
  23. Would like to see the layout!
  24. Way to go Jamie! Keep us updated on the progress.
  25. Coop

    Spanky's Lumber

    Perhaps he could team up with Amazon, however that works? Spanky would have to hire help and could retire 6 months later!
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