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  1. You gotta hate stuff like that! Sorry for the mishap. Hope you recover soon. I too hate long drawn out projects. Although not as elaborate but I enjoy making a decorative box or similar that can be completed in a day or so, to just refresh.
  2. By full lengths, do you mean 8’-10’? Are these shipped motor freight or I guess cheapest way possible? On your table, did you just order x amount of 12/4 and hope for the best, with no selection process?
  3. What lengths do they ship and how do they ship?
  4. Thanks Bob, just wondering what prices go for on different woods. I realize different prices for different spices for different areas. In Houston, I have 3 suppliers that I go to. The most expensive with the best selection has 8/4 walnut for $11.25 per bf and I thought that to be darn expensive. Thanks for responding.
  5. @Bob, just a wood porn question, what are you wanting to order?
  6. “Bed attached to the floor in the kitchen”. Sounds like my early college years in a tight tiny apartment. Looking good!
  7. Good gosh yes! Mid to late 60’s where the shag carpet probably cost more than my van itself. Sure was hard to get the stains out (Ripple wine). Add an 8 track and a reverb and a surfboard on top!
  8. I bought a 0.125 liter can at a Woodworking show Friday and look forward to using it.
  9. Coop

    Pin Nailers

    I wore one of your tee shirts with the full intent of having my friend take a pic of me in front of the Festool booth and darned if I didn’t forget. I even ironed it before I left home!
  10. Coop

    Pin Nailers

    I went to a Woodworking show today and a manufacturer (can’t remember the brand), had a brad gun and two pin nailers that operated off of propane. When the tip of the gun was depressed, propane from a small cartridge was injected into the cylinder and when the trigger was pulled, a spark generated via a cell phone type battery, ignited it, firing the nail. Neatest thing I’ve seen in a while.
  11. An update. I purchased a new qt. Of the 105 resin and a new set of pumps. I still had a half qt. of the 206 slow hardener so didn’t buy any more of that. I purged both new pumps and mixed a batch. Luckily I didn’t have much to glue up as the remainder started getting pretty hot and hardening in less than 15 minutes. We did have a rare 37% humidity and the temp was 93*. Not sure how much difference that made?
  12. Thanks Bob. I always use the same size drinking cups when mixing. Yeah, I have heard, contrary to belief, that the thinner the mix, the longer the work time. But mine has been constant. Although this stuff is fairly expensive, compared to PVA, everything is relative, walnut to poplar. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and buy all new.
  13. FYI, I always purge the pumps, prior to use. The humidity today was about 65% compared to our normal 80-90%. May have a point!
  14. My thinking was the same, pumps may be the prob. Instead of chunking the resin and hardener, I’ll buy a new set and get back with the results. And yes, other insights would be helpful.
  15. I have been using West Systems epoxy for a pretty good while with more than satisfactory working time. I use the 105 resin and 206 hardener. My current supply is about 3 years old and have the dispenser pumps. The last time I used it, a couple of months ago, I noticed what I thought was a quicker than normal setup time but scuffed it off as me just just dogging around. Today, I had a glue up with the WS and remembering last time, I watched the time and it started getting really gummy after 7 minutes and hard as a rock 15 minutes later. Luckily, I was able to mix a new batch and finished the assembly. The second mix did the exact same thing. Does this stuff loose it’s working time as it gets older?
  16. Now that’s pretty cool and simple as it gets!
  17. Chet, you actually cut the bevels on the caps after cutting the stock to 1 3/4” lengths?
  18. Very well done. Looks great!
  19. MPO, at WTO I just didn’t type fast enough to follow most conversations. I probably would try it but don’t count on me as a regular participant. I’m not really sure of what it provides that the forum and PM’s don’t. They didn’t have such a thing when I got my learnens! 😀
  20. Yes sir, that’s sweet!!
  21. Man, that looks great. Did you decide to leave the glass clear? Can’t tell from the last pic.
  22. That might be a good topic, “learning to turn, input from the pros requested”. The teacher becomes the student. Although I’m not a turner, it would be interesting to watch? Pick a project and learn from the peeps.
  23. I’m sure I avoid projects that require turning such as legs, or improvise and make tapered legs, but I have only hit on my friend one time, and that was to make a handle for a mallet. Lord help me and may my wife take away my cc if I ever get the cnc bug!
  24. Not only do I not have the room nor desire, I have a friend with one. 😀
  25. And I have more rabbit holes now than I can afford to fill or have time for, so I never see me having a lathe.
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