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  1. all this means with that workoholic nature of yours ... you can now compete with Kev on project output ? haha! Congrats on the retirement and hopefully you dont drive your insane ?
  2. What’s causing the prices to up past couple months? What does that oak pricing turn into if it’s kiln dried?
  3. these are coming together great!! Those seats look very nice as well!
  4. a tiger maple cradle ... wooooow, that baby is living the good life haha
  5. just saw this today ... and since I recently have cut quite a few of these miters on the TS, I was curious your thoughts ...
  6. Since you already bought the laguna ... that was the laguna I am seriously considering as well in the handful I am looking at. I like the full solid piece and not 2 pieces. Did you happen to look into the Harvey version at all?
  7. “Santa” changed his mind and I was on the hook for a desk ASAP. So that’s why there isn’t too many pics. I’ll get a pic of the final tomorrow when I get it installed in her room.
  8. oh that is great looking!! Feel free to forget me on your Christmas list if this is the type of amazing things they get ?
  9. perfect, works for me if you are happy with it ? Will be ordering this one then! Thanks Kev!
  10. So I am thinking of picking one of these up for an upcoming project and just in general ... However, I am curious, would the telescoping option from them be better than the normal, sized ones? Like the 1000X series? Not sure how sturdy that arm is if I am pushing something lets say 35-40" long and maybe like 6/4 so kinda heavy ... The below is the 3000X series with this feature
  11. very cool!! How do you feel it came out? Looks great! What is the spalted wood? Looks awesome with the mix there.
  12. @Spanky I miss seeing that amazing looking wood you cut up ...
  13. All done I think... tried out the brown bag method .. I believe @Coopuses? works well getting the dust nibs out I must say.
  14. So I was looking through General finishes site to see what is too cold .. I found this: So, I am not sure I have ever finished anything in their 'perfect' temp range. It is either 90-100 or 50 like it is now ... Have yall ever had issues with applying things in too hot or too cold temps? I have not noticed any negatives applying at least my stuff, ARS and HP from general finishes in the hot. Right now my garage is 60F and I put on another coat ... I am assuming below 55 I might start seeing issues? Just thought this was interesting so figured it might deserve its own topic outside of my quick hall table thread ...
  15. well that is really good to know! I should be able to spray tomorrow I think and be done with this project. So is it always, just 1 coat of ARS then spray on top coat for indoor furniture?
  16. oh really? Yes, I was going to spray some high endurance on there for a top coat ... Why only 1 coat? Is it just the wood type or what?
  17. Sounds good! I will keep that in mind .. Today, got my first coat of ARS on, its late so it will site overnight. Tomorrow when the shop gets above 50'ish I will put another couple on ... and a before and after ...
  18. I ended up getting my tubes from home depot ... however I did send American Green Lights an email asking for help with their products and what all I should get. I got a 14 page PDF demoing everything ... some pics of it. I just sent them a layout of my shop.
  19. Cute looking pooch! Is it one of those labradoodles or something like that? Also, these gloves look thick ... I use the typical medical gloves and they seem to be ok for light tasks like putting on ARS and things like that. However, they rip easy if I start grabbing things like tools or moving heavy things.
  20. also... did I miss the picture of this installed in the room?
  21. I like the wood switch up, and wenge is always a nice touch... However the new addition looks like you built a monster base, and then the top was an afterthought addition added later type of thing. Why not thing of something more horizontal ... like a miniature version of what was there originally.
  22. all I hear is freed up lumber for more fun projects down the road ? and yes, that this looks like an absolute monster! A gorgeous monster though ..
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