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  1. Not these … not sure if too small or Chinese knock off but this is the inside …
  2. I have these barrel hinges for a little ring box I am making. Ruined the first round because I tried CA glue and it got into the hinge mechanism and clogged it all up. Assuming I just put too much in there … but is CA glue still the best idea to glue them in? this was after I ruined it and drilled out that hinge
  3. Thanks guys!! yes I went with a film topping as it had a cool pattern however it was put on only with water and static?? I’m not sure how well it will hold up. I wouldn’t recommend the film on it either and I won’t use it again. It was easy to install and everything I just don’t think it is going to last long and not bubble. A couple other pics… it was super hard to get the texture from the film in picture
  4. Sorry got a little busy with sport seasons kicking off … we got 2 soccers, a baseball and a softball season haha. We kinda busy. I will take a few better pics tomorrow when I get some free time. Here is a quick and dirty one though.
  5. LOL! I see what you did there 😉 I need to get better at remembering to use it
  6. Does anyone have any idea on where to get just the velvet ring holders like this: https://www.target.com/p/juvale-5-pack-black-velvet-ring-display-trays-holder-organizer-jewelry-storage-case-pad-3-slots-black-5-5-x-3-3-x-0-78-inches/-/A-78771249 Is there any place outside of target to get these? I just need the holder like the picture as its going into a box ... Never messed with this type of thing before. Can you make your own?
  7. is he still using it or has life gotten in the way?
  8. I have been thinking of trying out Rubio as well ... been watching a lot of blacktail studio builds lately and that finish always makes the wood look great! Also seems pretty easy to apply too. interested in hearing both sides...
  9. Hah! after reading Tmize comment I will skip this one for now since I have a 7 and 5 year old so they need to be a little tougher. ordered 1 of these to test out and see how it goes. will order more if they work as good as they look to in the pictures. Will let you know my thoughts once they get installed ... they show up on Thursday so I think Friday I should have time to get to it.
  10. thanks! here is a quick and dirty shot I took the other day … GF high performance will be the finish sprayed on
  11. Thanks guys I’ll take a look! hah! Coop I’ve never had a basement either. Must be nice to have that extra space.
  12. Soooo when we built the mud room we had a great idea for in the wall storage. Brooms and mops and stuff. Thing ls we though would be small enough. However all the mounting options we found don’t really help keep things clean looking and in the wall. first idea we had was a cork board door that we could pin stuff to if we needed. Well with having a door on there doesn’t leave much room at all. So the cork board (left) is just sitting there waiting to be turned into a smaller board for my daughters room to tack stuff onto it. do y’all have any ideas on getting stuff in there? Mounting hardware? Would it be ok for some stuff to stick out a little?
  13. Final check with glass and rounded corners .. got my figure 8s figured out wiped down with mineral spirits and ready for finish tomorrow.
  14. yes they are and they did 🙂 ... good to know though for the future when I need to use these I did recess them, its just a really weird looking picture ... that is actually sitting flush with the top, although it looks like it is just sitting on top haha. The problem with using those is where they are, the rabbeted wood is only about 1/4 thick so I would need a tiny screw for that and not sure how well it would actually hold
  15. I will definitely try this out on a future build ... got my issue worked out for now
  16. gotcha .. thanks for the info As far as the figure 8's on the side ... I just assumed they were too big to fit, but I didnt look as I was frustrated with the other part and had to go pick up kids from school. I just went to check and they did fit so I installed them.
  17. so just some like 3" screws or so, I believe, would be the length to attach it? so just the 2 screws in the sides ... would let wood move enough and hold it if picked up by the top? Thanks I will take a look at that and see Interesting on the dowel idea ... assuming the dowels would still let the top wood move? Even if they were glued in?
  18. also ... for the frosted glass ... did yall use a film? https://www.amazon.com/Privacy-Frosted-Decorative-Covering-Bathroom/dp/B08TWWGQN1/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3YHHIDEH9PX6&dchild=1&keywords=frosted%2Bglass%2Bwindow%2Bfilm&qid=1629392886&sprefix=frosted%2B%2Caps%2C314&sr=8-3&th=1 Like that? Just one of the first things that popped up on amazon.
  19. This project just keeps kicking my butt haha. Installed the figure 8s and then realized I would screw through the rabbeted top since the legs stick in further than the sides. I guess the only good thing about it is that I caught it before I did it. so now I am thinking Z clips? Don’t have any here to test so need to buy some. I have about 1/2” of space on the sides to install them without going through the thinner part. also still need to round over the edges to match…
  20. are you referring to this one? https://www.amazon.com/Japanese-SHINTO-Planer-250mm-Steel/dp/B06Y66YYCQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=shinto+rasp&qid=1629162352&s=hi&sr=1-3
  21. Thanks! Curious on the modelers rasp ... do you have a recommendation on "grain"? I was thinking 7" since it is not the finest and might be a little quick to use. For the more aggressive would you go Auriou 12 inch Half Round Roughing Rasp - The Hog or one of the cabinet rasps with like 5-8 grain on it?
  22. haha. Honestly I wish I had a cool story on why … it’s because I suck at progression and didn’t even thing of how much easier this would be with putting them in first and then working on rabbet. I got so single sighted about how to get the rabbet in there nicely it didn’t even cross my mind that doing that first would make this next part really suuuuuuck.
  23. I feel I need a couple of these. I have no idea though where to start. Been several times in the past few projects they would of been useful … thoughts on what to start with or brands etc etc
  24. Getting everything fitted nice and snug ….
  25. Got some racing stripes going on the top now … next to clean up the top a little more and then start cutting out the maple strips and fit the glass.
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