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  1. Got some racing stripes going on the top now … next to clean up the top a little more and then start cutting out the maple strips and fit the glass.
  2. no inlays on the legs, just the top ... legs are just rounded over
  3. gonna have to look into this next time I do this ...
  4. Getting the base glued up … clamping round legs sucks! Kept trying to pull things in weird directions
  5. Thanks!! yes it was a good thing I randomly read all the labels on the bit case and noticed they called out a slower speed. So I slowed it down … it said 16k max. So I ran with that. Gave a super nice finish though!
  6. Roundover bit came today so I got to finish the legs .. it’s a beast of a bit! Had to expand the router bit hole to get it to fit. Don’t be jealous of my fancy router table 🤣 overall I think they came out pretty good. Never don’t legs with this much of a roundover so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. I like it. blast gate decided to clog up on my 6” line and gate wouldn’t close. Took about 10mins of jacking with it to clear it out and get it back on. Kind of annoying for sure …
  7. Today’s progress … roundover on the aprons and sanded with another dry fit .. 3/4 round over bit for the legs will be here tomorrow so I can finish the base. cleaning up some rough spots with the handy Moxon vice
  8. Correct. Don’t have a fancy HCM like you and I’m to lazy to try to do it with a router and stuff 😄 Yes sir
  9. Got some work done today. Got the roughed out base done … hopefully can knock out the apron curves tomorrow and then will work on the outside leg roundovers one the bit shows up Monday. once I get the base mostly done and glued I will start the top.
  10. haha my bad ... ya its just the application he shows in several videos ..
  11. Started off rough milling and gonna let it sit a day or 2 before final milling. nothing super cool to look at haha. But the project has kicked off!
  12. he does it in a few of them ... here is a couple vids of him doing it
  13. found a new guy on youtube, but I think this is new to me ... If I have seen the glove finish before it didnt stick in my memory. I am curious what type of finish this is? Can it be oil based? I would assume that would get expensive having to go through a glove each time ... thoughts? Here is his channel ... he is pretty much another Ishitani type build, no talking just great woodworking! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkUhZ4Zlk6HTmeV-M4q06g
  14. looks great! however, is paint ok for a cutting board? just curious on a few things .. like blood getting into the groves and cleaning it out, wont the paint start to chip after a few times of that? I am just curious ... I know a few cutting board FB pages I am on people lose their mind when people post an epoxy board haha. So curious if this is the same type of thing.
  15. nope, hand screwing ... I think the last batch of screws I had would of snapped themselves if they saw a drill coming at them 🙂
  16. cool, I will have to go check it out and see
  17. ok cool, I will pick that and then and try it all out. LOL! I see what you did there, I am just but a young grasshopper 🤣
  18. oh I snapped them just installing the screws, not actually hanging ... Most things are between a pound or 2 and maybe 10 at the most.
  19. Ya, I predrill but maybe I just got a bad batch when I snapped 3 in the same back frame. I will try the wax thing ... any kind in particular or Johnson's paste or renaissance good enough?
  20. not sure if this goes here ... I am looking for better picture hanging equipment than the cheap stuff from HD. I have snapped like 4-5 screws off in the back of the boards I am trying to hang, it is quite annoying. So I was thinking something like this wire: https://www.amazon.com/Picture-Hanging-100-Feet-Braided-Supports/dp/B082XXKVMF/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=picture+hanging+wire&qid=1627342256&sr=8-5 I like these type of D ring hooks: https://www.amazon.com/Ring-Picture-Hangers-Screws-Solutions/dp/B019QX7CY8/ref=pd_bxgy_img_1/147-4197979-2832646?pd_rd_w=JXAqI&pf_rd_p=c64372fa-c41c-422e-990d-9e034f73989b&pf_rd_r=3B4JYBQWXHTB8RRYB1QX&pd_rd_r=92700f45-9147-4abc-acaa-89d93119248d&pd_rd_wg=4ahXp&pd_rd_i=B019QX7CY8&psc=1 However the screws are what get me ... is there screws this size that are actually good? Or are they so small no one cares to make good screws and I am stuck with garbage? thoughts?
  21. Ok was thinking that … but it looks like a 6/4 to 8/4 top. That’s a hell of a round over bit. Yes, take small passes and work your way up but still a beast. Assuming like a 1” round over bit or so.
  22. so just came across this … it got me thinking about how to make that rounded bottom. Am I over thinking it? Is it just a big round over bit on the bottom? #2… how would you cut a 10* bevel on a rounded edges? been a learning morning so far trying to figure these out haha.
  23. oh interesting ... I will take a look at that and see about the whole frosting thing ..
  24. Yes that came out looking amazing! problem is I already have the clear glass 😞 Next version will definitely have some glass like that ooooh I forgot about this one ... watched it back in the day though. yes that is great looking by itself
  25. This is what I am going back and forth in my head about ... True, just trying to add a little something else to it ... maybe the glass feature will do that all on its own? thanks Coop!
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