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  1. Hah! Bryan is correct on both 🙂 ... Although, I have never liked all glass doors like that to begin with. Crafstman style doors are my all time favorite!
  2. Here is the front door from the outside. you can see it’s about 5’ protected from the elements won’t ever get direct sunlight
  3. I have not come to a final design yet, something similar to it, but not arched. I am not sure on the side openings as I am not sure how much use they would be in texas when the weather sucks 10 months out of the year haha
  4. Thanks for all that, will definitely be researching all of that ... It will be covered, about 5' of covering that never sees direct sun and only would get wet if we got crazy with a water hose. so in my picture, if I measure the brown area, it should be an inch smaller than that? That is the actual door in there now.
  5. Soooo part of the reason I was posting the other door video was because I was researching front door vids. this is 68W x 80 1/4H (brown parts) basically. my questions are … 1) how do I go about measuring actual size so I know how big to build my jamb? 2) is there more too it than basically building a bigger version of a floating panel cabinet door? I know the doorknobs are kinda a special thing but just talking about the overall build. any tips/advice or good YouTube vids to watch? Kev you sure your wife doesn’t want a new front door so I can watch 🤣🤣
  6. why is this not surprising 🙂
  7. will enjoy hearing your thoughts too ... I have a few projects coming up and would also like to try some Rubio too
  8. haha, ya that is the first time I have seen that type of window openings on doors before. Neat little idea to just open all the way
  9. Interesting. Never actually paid much attention to doors lol
  10. $26k seems like a lot, although I know the arched entrance brings in a lot of difficulty not normally there in a lot of doors. Although I was kinda shocked when he said ash was one of their favorite woods for doors. Also, the design element for the side windows to open and get a breeze through I thought was a really cool idea. I mean, for somewhere probably not Texas where you could use this for more than a month or 2 a year that is ..
  11. I have had this jointer for about 2-3 years now, bought new. I was thinking the same thing ... will still contact them and see what they have to say. ya its kind of a goofy design ... that little pin helps keep the wheel the belt runs on and the blade head connected. I would assume the the belt drive doesnt need to be exactly co-planer is the blade head is fixed and no chance of run out like the bandsaws
  12. not sure what its actually supposed to look like haha ... it was snug once I got it back in there though. finished milling the last 10 boards just fine.
  13. Small cuts. Like 32nd heavy. then sitting in the ground I found me a little metal piece randomly … looked at the pulleys… and figured that’s gotta be it … got it back in and everything is working like it should again … crazy stuff. Never figure that thing would have wiggled loose like it did. Glad I randomly found it on the ground too haha.
  14. was milling down some wood. About halfway through on this piece of poplar the motor does this … it also takes like 20 seconds to get up to speed when turned on. going to be contacting PM as well but curious if y’all have dealt with this or have an idea of what is going on?
  15. oooh ... 150 ... ya I dont see it there just 120 and 180 in that range
  16. what do you mean? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B098RL4QMW/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  17. I didn’t see this posted… sorry if it had been but found this extremely interesting. https://youtu.be/NZDCRFi8dKY
  18. Getting lots of sanding done .. Cutting and painting some metal “stops” for the bed to connect to the floor in the kitchen. starting work on the sink area.
  19. No, was debating on the folding bed and all that ... decided not to on this. There should be enough foam pads to move around to create a bench against one of the walls. Also, can use the bumper as a footrest if you are sitting in the back. Not super comfy, but can be done. The front captains chairs do not swivel, this van isnt that fancy 🙂 LOL!
  20. Interesting thought on the mats. Going to have to look into that as that does sound like a great keep clean solution. paint eh? Didn’t even cross my mind … what color would you be thinking for the wood? White? I’ll have to bring this up to my buddy. Lol!! Shag carpet in those big conversion vans. I remember my moms and she’d drive around the baseball team when we were little. I was thinking that but not sure on how well the weather would be or how slippery etc if it got wet boots on it Test fitting the foam pads … I’m 6’2 and I fit diagonally accord without bending goofy. I was surprised by this. starting work on the sink …
  21. When my buddy called me up and mentioned he’d been watching a lot of YouTube and bought a minivan for me to convert, I first laughed and thought he was kidding . He wasn’t so I said hell ya let’s do it!! the sweet ride … overall design idea at the moment .. getting a template cutout for the in floor storage… Gluing the bigger pieces together this is pretty fun getting to do something out of the ordinary! my main question for now is what type of finish would be good for this? Mainly thinking of the floor in the “kitchen” area where shoes/dirt/water/mud will be in contact with it. I was thinking maybe shellac or something cheap for the majority of everything?
  22. Saw this in a FB group and figured I’d share as I have never seen it like this before .. super simple looking and cuts both side
  23. I just went with 2 coats of shellac ... had a little bit left in the can and worked out to be just enough.
  24. That was pretty neat! Some people really do have that 'out of box' ability
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