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Downdraft table/shop air filter


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Had this project in my mind for a while. Sanding the chair parts for hours gave me time to think about it. 

My next door neighbor is an electrician, I asked him a while back if they pull a furnace out and the fan is good yet to keep it for me. Didn’t take him long to come up with one. Got a 5 year old fan for nothing. Sweet deal for me!


Was a pretty stress free project that I just kinda planned out in my head, only measurement I wanted to hit was the height, another good thing I didn’t have to buy anything for this one other than the filters.2AFFB5E8-B55E-4502-9414-705CB88497D7.thumb.jpeg.90ee6a4409adb711b7ac107ecf7242d3.jpeg08340392-B79D-4165-9E2E-60DA1E953991.thumb.jpeg.b0e74296e2cea0ca2e17527a308f4995.jpegFDFAB966-34F9-45EC-A798-412C2C9EFE4D.thumb.jpeg.2134cb5abadf5591fbae35597368c03c.jpeg390608FC-3EA0-47C5-B556-B958D5CDB71B.thumb.jpeg.7ed95b5f98846c3927a45f0c984b6892.jpeg54802C52-3C7F-4719-95DF-2E8F9061AC0C.thumb.jpeg.300aa9947bc072fdcad1cfebe262bd39.jpeg

Neighbor wired it up for me as well!  Used an older extension cord to supply the power, the pegboard came out of our basement that the old boy who owned our house before had it above a little work bench in the basement. Most of the ply parts worked out of scrap pieces. 

Was pleasantly surprised on how much air this thing moves, along with it being fairly quiet. 

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10 hours ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

Jaime, nice work, let us know how the pegboard works for you.  I have heard that the smaller holes aren’t as efficient, but that fan may be more robust than most people use for a down draft table.

I’ll be honest the peg board was/is a concern. After getting it all together and Flipping it on I was shocked how much airflow is there. I had a guy mention to me to choke off the squirrel cage a little bit to actually increase the flow. Used a piece of ply to do this which you cant see in any of the pictures. Made a major difference. 

If I do have an issue with it I think the plan would be to drill out about half the holes to a 3/8 to 1/2 hole, not sure how it would affect the strength of the peg board. I do have a few stretchers running under it so maybe wouldn’t effect it much. Or plan b would be to run some 1” wide strips across the top. 

wish I had a way to show you guys how much air this thing is actually moving. 

2 hours ago, Kev said:

I've had a downdraft table suggested to me many times as a good video project.  Since I use Festool for sanding, it was just never really in the cards for me.  I like it though!


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It's nice when you can pull a shop project to gather with materials on hand and a freebie from a neighbor.  Nice work.  Looking forward to see how it works for down the road.


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"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;  remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." - Epicurus

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Quick update on this project.......spent most of the weekend in the shop and I find myself using this table all the time! It’s so nice having a dedicated sanding area. Also I leave the fan on when working in the shop and have noticed a huge improvement in the shop air quality. The fan in the table moves some serious air! When random orbit sanding on the table there is no air borne dust, it actually pulls the piece down onto the table, not that it is stuck but there is enough suction that you notice it when trying to move the board. 

I also used the fan to heat up the garage that my wife parks in, she happened to leave her garage door open the other day while she was at work. It got to a high of -2 that day. Needless to say everything was froze up in there. We have a fridge in there and some other things so didn’t effect a whole lot. We typically don’t heat this garage but it has never gotten below freezing in there since it is sandwiched between the house and the shop. Just pointed the exhaust of the table through the door and turned let it run for a few hours. Got it warmed up to above freezing in that time. 

Checked the filters In the table and was surprised to see how much dust they caught. I do have a total of 6 20x20 filters installed. Have 2 pleated furnace filters with a really inexpensive furnace filter on top of them. I might change the top filters out with pleated at some point. Was shocked to see as much dust as I did in the bottom filter. 

All in all am very happy with it! 

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