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  1. Nicely done! Not showing my wife this one!
  2. Plans are 95% completed! Hopefully they are correct! Going to get the cherry ordered soon.
  3. Hell with them that tight together you had to save a ton on electrical. Only need one plug in!
  4. Wow that looks awesome! I see no flaws whatsoever. Great job!
  5. I can go with that!
  6. Jamie

    Drum sander

    Thanks! I use my little delta all the time, probably abuse it more than use it. Just way underpowered for my needs. Like the idea of having the double head. Talking with grizzly today they are expecting arrival of these drum sanders May 17th, so should have it hopefully by the end of the month. Plan is to have the electrical in place by then. Not much to do on that end, other than to switch out the current box from a 20amp 220 to accept a 30amp plug. Happy when I built the shop that I put in plenty of 220v circuits.
  7. Id say the top along a table top is a apron, any below that I would consider a rail. A strecher to me is on the side of the piece. Man I just confused myself!
  8. Jamie

    Drum sander

    Well I pulled the trigger and ordered a sander. Ended up going with the shopfox 26" fingers crossed that I will have it in a month or so.
  9. Turned out awesome Chet! Love how the finish brought them to life!
  10. Looks great! Love the top drawer front, adds a neat interest point. Can’t wait to see the finish set it all off.
  11. While your at it my wife has requested a couple planters.
  12. Thanks! This whole project is really a totally different style than I’m used to building. Figured I’d stick with that process on the fronts.
  13. I would do the same thing! Would drive me nuts knowing that was there!
  14. Been a bit since I gave an update. Well the good news is the desk is complete. Had just a bit of making the fronts and fitting the drawers since the last post. Went with a partial inset drawer front. Worked out that way with the depth of the drawer slides and the depth of the box. Kinda like how they turned out. Put a coat of ars all on the ash parts as well as a couple coats on the walnut top. I then shot a coat of vinyl sealer and two coats of high build lacquer. Emmi has yet to see it all completed and we set it in the living room for her to find it in the morning. I used a self clos
  15. Anyone listened fine woodworking post cast about random orbit sanders I believe was in the title. What caught my attention in it was the discussion on creating a perfect piece. They mentioned when someone looks at something you made how you instantly go to pointing out the flaws. I am guilty of this for sure. I don’t believe I’ve ever created something that is absolutely perfect. I can always find something that I don’t quite like or a grain direction is wrong. Just was an interesting take to me. They went into more detail on the discussion than I am hitting on here.
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