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  1. I thought it was crazy high!! Maybe its just me being cheap again 🙂
  2. I’m curious on this as well. Just priced some cherry at $5.32 a bf. Skip planed to 15/16 and straight edged
  3. Thanks! The light actually came on the drill press, it also has a laser on it. Thing is neither one of them has ever worked. It has a spot for batteries to run them and have tried a few times to get them to turn on. No luck.
  4. Did a quick little cabinet stand for the drill press and mortiser over the weekend. Took just over a sheet of 3/4 acx ply and used a few hardware parts I had laying around in the shop. Goal was to make a home for the mortiser and get it off my shaper. That has been its home for the past couple months since I got it. Also to get the drill bit storage next to the drill press. Which in turn frees up a drawer in the outfeed table to make room for table saw blades and accessories. The cart I am replacing was a $1 auction find that has more than earned it’s keep. Just didn’t look very good, it help
  5. Beautiful lumber! Should be a treat to work with!
  6. Jamie

    Drum sander

    It’s just like an open ended sander except it has a closed end with 2 drums in line. The second drum will usually have a finer grit than the first and is also set a little deeper of a cut. Can start with say 80 and 120, make a pass and it’s like 2 on a single drum. Then switch grits to finer. Speeds up the process
  7. I know exactly what you guys are saying, it works out really well with the way the case is attached to the face frame. The top drawing is the one to focus on, with the stile being 1 1/2 - 3/4 of the ply leaves 3/4 to play with. The key measurement and placement of the dado is to have 1/2" to the inside of the cabinet, this allows to use drawer spacers to properly align the drawer slides. Which will leave a strong 1/4" of the outside of the case which on a finished end will leave the room to contact cement a piece of 1/4 ply or allow some room when installing when going cabinet to cabi
  8. Great idea! I did think about that and the customer doesn't want to have cherry on the inside of some cabinets and birch on the others.
  9. Yes that looks like really good material. Just dont have the buying options out here in Iowa
  10. It does add to the expense of building but I have always felt that 1/4 ply gets better looking veneer on it than 3/4.
  11. Jamie

    Drum sander

    I would agree that the delta I have is very under powered, I checked out the supermax 25 x2 and seems like a really good machine. Like how it has a 5hp motor vs the 3hp on the grizzly. Now the question comes down to open end vs closed end? @Kev If I remember right you have the open ended version?
  12. Yes sir. Will skin them with 1/4 cherry ply
  13. Jamie

    Drum sander

    Does the supermax out preform the grizzly?
  14. Is there quite a difference in it vs the 4x8? For me I don’t see how 5x5 would be very efficient in common size plywood usage.
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