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  1. Since it was a wedding gift, maybe they have never used it as a cutting board so nothing to report. I would think that repeated use and washing would make the paint chip away. Chet’s idea is a good 1.
  2. Pre drilling is a must! You could try to find higher quality screws, but if you pre drill may not be necessary.
  3. Looking at those pictures I still wonder why I ever left Colorado.
  4. Also you could go to a glass shop if you are comfortable with doing yourself.
  5. Sometimes adding that little something can have a negative effect. You could always do something with the glass, like frosting a line along the edge or similar.
  6. Just my opinion, I think doing the table without the maple would look good on its own.
  7. Coop, you don’t need saw horses, Marc puts foam on his concrete floor, I know others who put 2x4 sleepers and others like Kev uses his bench. I use saw horses cause most of my cutting full sized sheets are in my driveway, cause shop is small, and I’m to damn fat to be crawling on the concrete driveway. Smaller pieces I can use my bench or MFT.
  8. Just to add, if you buy the Festool you get a 55” track, if you want and have room for the longer rail, the festool will ride on the Makita rail. Also the rail connectors Chet mentioned, the Makita version are actually better than the festool.
  9. Coop, the tracks have a strips that keep the track from moving. With that said, I still clamp my tracks. I also don’t cut on the floor or a solid surface. I use the 2 inch pink foam, it comes in 2’x8’ sheets and I lay them on saw horses. As for brands, the Makita gets good reviews. If I was to buy new, I would go cordless. I would still probably go with the festool.
  10. I’m indifferent about these types of things, but to add a wee bit of humor. We don’t need no stinking badges!
  11. Drew, good luck with the new venture! As for species, you could also use white oak. If I’m not mistaken isn’t mesquite fairly weather resistant? Only mention since your in Texas.
  12. Coop, based on where it would be placed I would leave them off.
  13. I’m confused (not hard I know), so in the bottom section with the fake stiles are they going to remain different sizes? If the are, then my vote is leave them out, cause that looks like an after thought. What may be a better fix would be frame the inside bottom panel with a decorative mounding. Looks like it was a design element that way.
  14. It’s funny you mention the old school method as that is what we use for a family calendar. It hangs on the basement door for all to see. I dislike google calendar. I wish there was away to link multiples in apple, but haven’t found a way to get everything in 1 place, without manually entering, but then again I’m not super tech savvy on apple.
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