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  1. Great job! The figure around the cross really makes a statement.
  2. Great job Chet. Like your version better, am I’m not just saying that to be a nice guy. Your top drawer provides more visual interest than the faux through tenons.
  3. Check out Joe Woodworker/veneer supplies. Any time I ordered veneer, it was top notch. If you google Joe Woodworker, this will bring you to his other site that has good info on how, what to use etc.. The link below is to purchase veneer. https://www.veneersupplies.com
  4. Turned out really nice. I’m sure your daughter will love and enjoy using for years to come!
  5. I never thought branding irons worked that well, since you are try to keep small. A sharpie probably gives the best overall results. I am curious how an electro etcher like knife makers use would work on wood. The stencils are really clear.
  6. In the grand scheme of things, no blade isn’t a big deal, but it sort makes Laguna look like a cheap company. “Why do we need to include a blade, they can order 1 and listen to the motor hum it’s not like anyone wants to turn it on and cut something” Laguna Marketing Dept.
  7. Nice work Coop! Really like the difference sized splines.
  8. So no matter what I buy, not just things you loaded up, you will get a small cut, provided I go through the link above?
  9. You should ask the $1 store for refund for the IT degree. 🤪
  10. Stop it, you know Coop loves to justify his purchases whatever way he can.
  11. I think the gaps look good, also agree about not adding a chamfer.
  12. No I’m not giving up sanding, I may be the rare bird that likes the RO150 and don’t break out the others. I do think that being good with planes can eliminate a lot of sanding. If someone here was looking, I could part with them, if there is no interest, I will keep for now or list on FOG or other forums.
  13. I’m not 100% certain I’m going to get rid of anything yet, but I am thinking about listing some items. I figure I would see if anybody was interested or looking at adding to their collection here before I do anything official. What I am considering selling are: RTS 400 sander plus systainer of paper LR32 set plus 1080 holey rail - SOLD THROUGH FOG RO 90 sander set plus systainer of paper - SOLD THROUGH FOG ETS 150/3 36mm hose, it isn’t the antistatic version If anybody was local or knew someone relatively local, I would consider moving my MFT/3. If anyon
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