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  1. Good project! Always good when you can free up space in other areas.
  2. Chet, not sure if you are looking for input on your designs, but I think the headboard has to much going on. Especially when compared to the dresser. I think the posts for the HB need to be simplified. The slats provide an interesting detail, but would leave out the molding/panels in the field of the HB, the curve and slats provide enough visual interest. All this is just what my eye likes.
  3. In most cases, in a cabinet shop 5x5 BB is extremely efficient, since there are a lot of 30” dimensions in cabinets.
  4. Why not use cherry for the drawer fronts?
  5. Since I sold my Domino, I really should make something like this. Chet, very nicely done, and you got some great BB prices!
  6. Congrats. My only advise is make sure to mark out your steps so that you can be as efficient as possible.
  7. I stopped wearing a watch when I started carrying the electronic nipple (phone) around.
  8. I have heard that these are the best you can buy. Wife’s a keeper!
  9. Truer words have never been spoken. Why does the 10 minute tasks always take so long to get around to?
  10. I did the heat shrink stuff when I first got the vac, but I had to replace 1 of my cords and never did again. Electrical tape or Velcro straps can also be used.
  11. I have to agree about FT drills. I have the small 1 and do like it, 90 degree feature is nice, but I prefer my makita drills. I wish they had the cordless TS55 when I bought mine. Even though I don’t work away from the shop, I always seem to be stepping on the cord.
  12. I’m not talking about what is the most convenient for a project, but the 1 every time you use your happy you bought it. Mine is my Trion jigsaw. The barrel grip allows me to see the line, the splinter guard that gives clean cuts and helps with following my line. It is just great to use. My track saw is a close second, and both have been invaluable during my attic floor repair/renovation.
  13. Jaime, nice work, let us know how the pegboard works for you. I have heard that the smaller holes aren’t as efficient, but that fan may be more robust than most people use for a down draft table.
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