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  1. No I’m not giving up sanding, I may be the rare bird that likes the RO150 and don’t break out the others. I do think that being good with planes can eliminate a lot of sanding. If someone here was looking, I could part with them, if there is no interest, I will keep for now or list on FOG or other forums.
  2. I’m not 100% certain I’m going to get rid of anything yet, but I am thinking about listing some items. I figure I would see if anybody was interested or looking at adding to their collection here before I do anything official. What I am considering selling are: RTS 400 sander plus systainer of paper LR32 set plus 1080 holey rail RO 90 sander set plus systainer of paper ETS 150/3 36mm hose, it isn’t the antistatic version If anybody was local or knew someone relatively local, I would consider moving my MFT/3. If anyone is interested, I can come up with a pr
  3. Woodenskye (Bryan)


    It was probably 7-8 years ago. I made a few small items, like a tablet holder and business card holders for a few clients. I don’t have any of them so not sure how it aged. I tried turning as pen blanks, just didn’t work well. The 1 piece I have left is a dark brown. It will get lighter and a bit of a red with age and UV exposure. Reason it’s called Brazillion Cherry. I have seen on a few boats and looks great, but hard to acquire in long useable lengths. I actually like teak better, but it is just to damn expensive.
  4. Woodenskye (Bryan)


    Hard as a rock on tools. Some people are really allergic, luckily not me, that’s how I got a few boards. It is a great wood. It can be hard to find in sizes other than deck boards, so if you glue up, you need to clean before glue.
  5. Next time she makes fun of your markings, go buy 200 BF, eventually she will stop messing with you or you will have more than enough wood to mess up without given a second thought.
  6. Why not inlay the first initial of there last name in that spot. Otherwise I got nothing for you.
  7. I can see it now, Coop will spend 4 hours 1 day training the dog, getting it to behave and in its place, he will sit down and have a beer, goes for a 2nd and in those 15 minutes, Coop’s wife will completely undo his hard work.?
  8. You could also may your own if you have some scrap ply around. 1/2” and 1/4”
  9. That’s because Coop hasn’t provided proof of life they exist yet.
  10. Maybe there is a way to stiffen the table.
  11. I should have stayed out west, it only took 20 years for me to realize that. ?
  12. NJ. Not to be political, but the governors of NY & NJ are basically in cahoots. If 1 makes a decision to only have dining at 25% capacity, the next day the other will go that is sound logic we will do the same, no matter what the data says or what residents want. It has been like this since the beginning, and have lagged behind the other states as they open, with possible exception being CA. Plus let’s just say all 3 (NY, NJ, CA) are a**holes. 1 they are trying to recall, 1 should be in prison, and In NJ the skeletons just haven’t opened the closet door yet.
  13. I don’t know if Chet means the entire plate or just in the middle near the bit. The weight of lift may be a factor as well. Really I’m guessing since how I interpret the issue may be completely wrong.
  14. I read it as the plate is moving creating the error in his workpiece, that is what led to my reply.
  15. Only thing I can think of is maybe you have some dust in the threads and not engaging the plate. Then again if this was the main problem it should happen all the time, but maybe edge treatment vs captured creates more torque or lift.
  16. I’m on the list, I am really hoping for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It will be interesting to see what the long term side effects are since these were developed and pushed out so quick. We will probably be the last state to go back to normal.
  17. Yes it will be about the same as Felder.
  18. Good start, easy to read and comprehensive. I would add SCMI (Mini Max) to Felder category. I have an old emailed price list that can give a ballpark on price.
  19. I agree that having different budget options and factoring in potential space constraints would be good.
  20. Unfortunately some believe that in order to build something you need a shop like the people they watch on YT. Nothing could be farther than the truth, but that’s how some think. Those would be good conversations to have.
  21. I have heard Grex makes a good gun. I have a Bostitch 18 and 23 ga and they both work great. Definitely handy to have in the shop.
  22. You would think, but then again have you looked at the internet recently. ?
  23. I would trim each edge and then reevaluate. It may be the right fix or maybe you then can do as Kev mentioned.
  24. Good catch on the track saw. We always disagree on the MS, but for this thread, if you are new and only have a 180 sf shop (single bay garage or shed) to work out of, can you honestly say you would have a MS set up permanently? If you went down the list TS, P, J, DC, BS and a decent bench, room for infeed/outfeed, space gets tight quickly if you want to build furniture. Basically my opinion comes down to space you have and what you want to build.
  25. Very good list as a good starting point. Personally I would move the miter saw down the list to just above drum sander. I have said this before, it eats a lot of space in the shop and is basically a 1 trick pony. I would add a jigsaw (corded or cordless) as a way to crosscut without MS. I would make a note to buy you last table saw first, mistake I made, only plus is now I have 2. I would also prefer a 5 1/2 over low angle jack.
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