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  1. So does the bed fold up so it can be more like a couch? I would think that if you were camping in this and the weather was bad, you would want a place to sit that wasn’t the bed or the front seats (unless the fronts are made to swivel).
  2. I made a sled like that, but not the both sides part. That’s a very good idea.
  3. My only thought is that maybe the air or humidity is going through the pump and maybe that is causing it to ave a reduced working time. I don’t have pumps with the epoxy I have.
  4. Looking really good Chet! They caps turned out really nice.
  5. Having a chat room can be good and bad. When WTO had it, it was fun, could get instant answers, build friendships, but it also had its drawbacks. A lot of people got hurt feelings and became a giant PIA for Marc and the mods. Between the group that is active here, it would probably be fine. If a giant influx of members come here, it could be great a first until a line gets crossed. All that to say I’m not for or against.
  6. Wow! What a really cool project. I like how he made the turned base look like stone.
  7. You did a great job explaining your process. Maybe 1 of the best and most comprehensive I’ve seen!
  8. Mud room the place in the house that holds all the crap you don’t want seen. I don’t mean this in a mean way, but you can build stuff. Find creative ways that meets your needs. Buy some hooks, and see what works. If the handle is to long, you could drill a hole for the handle. Or if you want to spend money, slat wall may work.
  9. Once you get this dialed in I would like to see a short video in action if not to much of a hassle, like those short shop wins videos.
  10. Interesting concept! So the blade is positioned at 90*? I wonder instead of adding more onto your TS sled, if a smaller sled done and dedicated to the router table would work. Not sure if set up time would be any different.
  11. Supposedly you put the wood in a chamber (kiln) without oxygen and then it is cooked. So if the wood needs to get to 1000 to 1005 degrees, if it goes over that range it is charcoal. I didn’t watch Cremona video but he seems to contradict himself saying it’s great, but edges brittle. I would try if given, but not sure I would be confident in it being done right and waiting my money.
  12. I have never used, but I think it is hit or miss. If the process is just a little off the wood can be brittle and hard to mill from what I have researched. I would probably try something else unless the price was so much cheaper.
  13. We need to make a light like Batman for Spanky!
  14. Hope you don’t have a nut allergy!
  15. Great Job Coop! Happy wife Happy Life! Now go treat yourself to something you want.
  16. I got tickets once but unfortunately couldn’t go.
  17. Some things you don’t mention is delivery and installation. The few times I provided quotes for projects I added 25% to the BF calculation, not so much for padding waste, but to factor in my time and fuel to get material. Also 1 problem with shop rate is you really need to know the actual time it takes to mill, cut joinery, finish and all that stuff. You can’t guess. Delivery/rental of truck on large pieces need to be factored, shipping on small items. If you are making this a business time and money spent need to be top priorities.
  18. Welcome. When you booking the trip to Augusta National?
  19. Kev, watched the first video, and I thought you provided a lot of really good info, and your sketch up technique was new to me (but I’m also not good at it) and will need to try it sometime. These types of topics seem really hard to condense in video, and makes the video seem really long, but like I said it was a lot of good info, and now you can always refer to it later.
  20. I would assume it was because the change in grain direction could create an issue with tear out. I’m sure Drew will answer with his reasoning.
  21. Since it was a wedding gift, maybe they have never used it as a cutting board so nothing to report. I would think that repeated use and washing would make the paint chip away. Chet’s idea is a good 1.
  22. Pre drilling is a must! You could try to find higher quality screws, but if you pre drill may not be necessary.
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