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  1. This is bad news. They were going to be playing locally in a couple weeks.
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    Now there is an idea
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    That is a very good question, my answer is I don't know. I have done one other board like this and gave it away as a wedding gift to really good friends, they havent said anything to me about it chipping out. They are good enough friends that I would think they would mention it to me. My wife brought it up as well, thought we should maybe try stain in it.
  4. Last resort is a 3" grk through the frame into a stud. Shouldn't go anywhere after that 🙂 Are you putting those small screws in with a impact or a drill? Maybe go the hand route.
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    Made a few cutting boards for some gifts. This one here was made for our community park auction. The town has been building a new city park for a few years and do a Facebook auction as a fundraiser. Took the picture as it was in the process of soaking up some mineral oil yet. The state outline and lettering I cut in with a v groove bit and a plunge router. My wife has a circut that she cut the design out on, put the sticker on the board and painted over it. Removed the sticker to get the pattern to cut, then painted over the cut before sending back through the drum sander. With the variation in width on the letters I did try and adjust the depth of cut as I went Have to say it worked better than I thought. There are a few wobbles in the cut but I can live with them. For finish I like to hit with around 5 coats of mineral oil then use a butcher block conditioner product. Seems to be a wax and mineral oil mix.
  6. Haha I kinda forgot about this trend till I was looking at some of the pictures of our latest trip. Went to Colorado for about a week. Kids had a good time as did we. The Mountain View’s and weather were a nice change from the heat and humidity of Iowa summers. Kevs shirt made an appearance on the trip as well! Lol don’t know why I look so mad in the pic, other than the kids taking my sunglasses from me! I assure you I was in. Good mood!
  7. Sorry for not being around much lately. Took a little family trip and have been playing catch up since. We went to Rocky Mountain national park to take in the sites. Was a great time! Only work that I’ve gotten done on the cabinets is getting all the doors and face frames finish sanded. Took quite a bit of time to get through them all. I believe it was right around 7 hours of sanding time. This photo was taken after about 2 solid hours of sanding, the cart on the left was the progress. Will start staining as soon as I get the 1/4” ply skins cut and sanded.
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    Track Saws

    Late to the party here but I have recently used the kreg version where you use your existing saw. Have to say that the rubber strips on the bottom of the track kept it in place. The track on the other hand had some play in it. It worked fir the few cuts I made with better than expected accuracy.
  9. Thanks guys! Yeah I was thinking it was more like a quart to fill it! Have 50’ of hose that I added the 4’ whip hose to. Either way it saves a ton of time not having to refill the cup.
  10. Well it’s been kinda slow going on this project the last few weeks. I would find a random hour here and there to work on it. This weekend that changed, spent the better part of both days in the shop. Was talking with the client and she decided to go with plywood drawer boxes. Typically I would go with a lighter colored wood like maple or birch to make the box sides and dovetail them. So this was a little change for me. Kicked it around on how I was going to put them together and decided just glue and screw with butt joints. The drawer sides got a 1/4 grove cut in them to accept the 1/2 bottom that gets a rabbit on the edges so it fit the grove. The inside face of the drawer box gets sanded before assembly along with the bottom. I used a pin nailer to hold the parts in place till I could get a couple screws in. I ended up switching to the 18g nailer after a couple boxes as the pins weren’t holding very well. I then would countersink a hole and put a 1 3/4” screw in. Was really the first project that I got to use the m18 surge impact driver and was really impressed with how quiet it is. It runs pretty fast so did over drive a couple screws at the start. With the box assembled I took an 1/8 round over bit to the top and bottom. Trying to reduce the chances of a snag on the plywood veneer. It’s an imported plywood that I am using and the quality and veneer thickness is less than deserving of a positive comment. I had some latex wood filler laying around that I used to fill some of the voids in the plys. Really wasn’t to many of them to fill and is a step that I’m glad I took. Most of the plywood and drawers ready to get finish put on them. Happy to say I did get all the play wood and drawers sprayed tonight. The new sprayer worked perfectly and will be ordering a little wider spray pattern tip for it. The 412 tip I got was for a different style gun and wouldn’t fit this one. Used the 311 to get by for today. I did grossly underestimate the amount of finish that I actually needed. I had 2 gallons on the sealer and 3 of the top coat. Burned them up really fast. My brother came down today so I had him pick me up 5 gallons of each to see the project through. All the dados were glue is going to be applied get taped off. Am really happy with the progress this weekend. Wanted to be at this point as we are taking off for Colorado to take in some sites.
  11. Late to the party here but will throw in my 2 cents, I did some outdoor furniture chairs about 20 years ago out of redwood. These chairs have not been maintained much if any over that time and have sat outside not protected from the elements at all. I have power washed and stained them once in those years. Now saying that they have greyed overtime but are showing no signs of rot.
  12. Im with Bryan on this one, I think the filler strips make it look like an after thought. I'd leave them out, nobody will ever notice that little detail. With adding them I think it will draw attention to it.
  13. Yeah I’m a little nervous about it. Back 20 years ago at the cabinet shop we used one very similar to it. I think it was a 495. Used that sprayer for a number of years and it was bullet proof. I didn’t think the clean up on it was to bad. Then again putting lacquer through it and not paint. All we did was flush it with lacquer thinner at the end of the day. When starting up the next day by flushing the thinner back out with lacquer or sealer. I did talk with a local guy who sprays finish for a living, he mentioned that the only sprayer that he uses is the graco 395 and he thought that this one would be about the same just more of a home owner model. So it’s an experiment. I did pick up some different tips than what it came with, a 311 and a 412. He recommended the 412 is what he sprays with 95% of the time. I should note he uses the exact same product that I do. If it doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world as I have some painting projects coming up in the next few years that it will be used for.
  14. Sorry coop didn’t see this till now. Yes they are. The back is also flush, all door parts are planed to .820 then ran through the shaper. After assembled they are sent through the drum sander. This set of doors cleaned up at .770.
  15. Haven’t gotten much time in on this project the last couple weeks. Well mostly because I was waiting on picking up the line bore machine. Took a day off work and drove up to the twin cities to pick it up. Did take a little time in getting it setup, I ended up taking the left and right end bits out to make it a 21 shot. It just seems to line up better for base cabinets being that way. The hole placement on a base cabinet side is pretty critical. I use a spacer to bump the drawer slide over so it is flush with the face frames. The plastic spacer is screwed into the shelf hole. I line the drawer slide up with the elongated holes. Then drill each set of holes, making sure to register off the bottom of each side. The upper cabinets are 42” tall so for their holes I mark center and line the bit up by eye. The bits are carbide with a Brad point. All the plywood is cut, dados in and groves along with the shelf holes. Have it all staged around the sanding table. Will hit it all quickly with 180 grit. Will knock off all sharp edges and hit the finished face looking for any scratches or dents. It goes pretty quick. Did get a different finish gun for this project along with the finish. What’s left to build is the drawers which I need to get material for yet, some crown molding along with a few other trim strips, the 1/4” cherry skins need to be cut, and build the toe kick bases.
  16. I run a lawn care business. Mostly spraying and fertilizing with just a little mowing. Currently have 4 full time guys and 2 part time. Not counting myself. The business is owned by a local co-op which works out well. They let me go like it’s my baby and have the benefits of being tied to a bigger company.
  17. Lol I am right there with ya. The nice thing about cabinets for me is that it funds quite a bit of equipment.
  18. Thanks! Well word has gotten out that I am building a set of cabinets and have been approached by 2 other people other than my wife about possibly building theirs as well. Not sure how I feel about building cabinets that often but if I do it might be nice to keep it around. But of course can always sell it.
  19. Found another couple auctions pop up in the last few weeks. Did end up getting a few items at one. Bad part is its in St. Paul MN about 3 hours from home. Will be taking Friday off to head up to get the items. Big item was a line bore machine. Picked it up for under $400 bid, throw the buyers premium on and tax and it was around $450. It is a one trick pony and will take up more space than I like but with the cabinet build going on it will be super handy. Also with this set of cabinets my wife is getting kinda anxious to have a new set for herself. I will assume that our kitchen remodel will take place in the next couple years. Also picked up a set of new bits for the line bore along with a couple routers, a drywall screw gun, a craftsman molding head for a tablesaw and a couple other small items. Figured if I was going to make the trip I would grab some bargains.
  20. I believe it is a design flaw without the shroud. Have used saws in the past that have a shroud and do a pretty good job. Still have some sneak by. I am really considering and over head arm for the saw. Not only for safety but for dust collection. The cabinet filling up doesn't bother me a whole lot, its the spray that comes off the blade that drives me nuts. For most of the projects in my shop im not busting up 25 sheets of plywood so its not a huge deal. Thank you all for your input!
  21. Thanks @Kev Im a little late to this but happy Father’s Day to you all! Hopefully you all got a little spoiled!
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