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  1. I struggled with this for a good minute yesterday, trying to get the 4" Dust Right Hose on to the 5"to4" reducer at the DC. I was unsuccessful. Was going to try again when I got a ladder for a better working advantage. Instead, I grabbed a gray 4" hose that came with my Craigslist 1 stage Delta 2 Stage Delta 50-850 1.5HP Dust Collector and put that on, then still no way to continue on the with Dust Right 4" hose. Last night I thought maybe I'd buy a Piston Ring Assembly installation tool, it's sort of the same operation. I was this close to pushing the "Buy It Now" button, when I saw
  2. Awesome story! I like it! An industry, as you now know, I am quite familiar with. We never installed an exhaust system without it also including a fire extinguisher system after we were done. I also worked in California's highly regulated food industry for a while where those systems were required by regulations. This being just one... The Tenderloin. (I wasn't there until after this picture was taken) It was a highly regarded restaurant (I don't remember the "star" rating - although it did have one). I remember it being a Prime Rib restaurant. I remember it that way maybe
  3. Congratulations, @Coop ðŸĨģ 🎉! All the very best to you! As a student of history, and I've only known your presence here on the forum....I am quite curious what business it was that your family has devoted itself to these many, many years. Are you at liberty to disclose this information? I really am a curious individual....especially regarding history. ðŸŧ, RXR
  4. It is, thank you, @Jamie! I used to be a HUGE Pro-Football fan. I had a passion for it. That was until I couldn't play anymore. We were playing weekend ball after high school. We'd play non-sanctioned games against other neighborhood weekend players for prizes (kegs of beer, normally). Once I couldn't play anymore my passion for it lessened to a negligible degree. I stopped watching more than 15 years ago (except for - maybe - the Super Bowl (same with Baseball - I sometimes watch the World Series) ). I was never interested in College Ball except for the fact that they were aud
  5. Wow, that's especially nice of you to say, @Coop. Thank you for that. It was my honor to serve this greatest of Nation's, sincerely. :USFlag: (IF there were one 😉) Merry Christmas! ðŸŧ, RXR
  6. I'm thinking about firing Santa - dude is slacking! ðŸĪĢ I'm starting to think maybe he's a Union worker... ðŸĪŠ I received today... And, as I understand it, Santa is making at least one more trip! 😉 😎 ðŸŧ, RXR
  7. Hello @Chet, I'm pretty sure I tweeted the USC account. I never got a response from them. It was just their general purpose account. But, you're right...maybe I should contact the USC archivist. I'd also be more than willing to happily pass it forward to anyone here who would be, or know someone who would be, the caretaker of it...preferably someone with history with the institution. I just think I would like to see that happen...I'd get something out of it 😉 ðŸŧ, RXR
  8. Talk About A Random Thread! ðŸĪŠ ðŸĪĢ I have a very old USC letter opener. I'd like to give it to someone who would appreciate it as much as I have in the time I've been its caretaker. Do we have any USC graduates here? Do we know any USC graduates that would like a very old USC letter opener? IF you are a USC graduate, or know a USC graduate that would like to be its caretaker I'd happily send it to you. ***I don't see it where I thought it would be. It's not there. It is here at the schoolhouse. I posted the same offer on Twitter
  9. Yes, @Woodenskye (Bryan)... I only hit on that idea while composing my last post up there. It never crossed my mind until I was typing those words. Weird how the human brain works sometimes. I have been thinking a "real, authentic" sign for so long I pushed out all other options - until up there. I have already been window shopping for some high reflective Yellow paint for metal and/or wood - turns out (from my brief search) they're different. While window shopping I started thinking about the design I would have IF I were to make a logo or brand - a final design of sorts (if it
  10. Great list! They look to be awesome projects. Only the "The Michael Fortune #1 chair (MASW)" had me engaging my GoogleFu 😉 So, besides offering a very 😎 list of projects, you learned me something. That's a win right there - in my book anyway 😁 All the best, @pkinneb! ðŸŧ, RXR
  11. Thank you, sir. I saw those and looking vintage on the front doesn't do anything for me, respectfully. I especially find the backsides of those signs very unappealing (It might be due to my hit and miss collecting hobby, and maybe American Pickers spoiled me! 😆 I'd prefer a well and hand-crafted vintage looking RXR sign as opposed to one of those. One I'd be willing to pay for one from a like-minded fellow, like here among the members of this site. *when I get some horizontal surface space I may roll the idea around in my melon and see what I can up with (I do have some Birch
  12. Hello everyone! While my woodworking experience or projects completed probably didn't deserve the effort I've put into coming up with a name for it... ***I've actually done several pieces, just haven't shown them here....nothing like fine furniture. But, made with purpose. Back when I was thinking of one (everyone has one, it seems 😉😁), I kept coming up empty-handed. I puzzled over it for quite some time. Nothing. Then it hit me. A name I've been known by since high school. Since high school football, to be precise. My teammates used my initials (R R) and stated c
  13. Are you going to frame that opening in, not talking about the door - just the opening....are you going to frame the opening? And, how thick is the wood your door is made out of? You couldn't do this (not to scale. just showing relative positions. can be as narrow as 1/4 inch, hypothetically). To remove the door, you would only need enough room between the door and your nearest appliance by the thickness of the cleat. ðŸŧ, RXR
  14. You can chase it out! ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ Cheers, @Kev, RXR
  15. May the best of this year - 2020 - be the worst in the upcoming new year - 2021 - for you, your families, your loved ones and all those you hold dear! Happy New Year, Everyone ðŸŧ ! ðŸŧ and tips ðŸŽĐ, RXR
  16. Hello Bob, How thick is you 80"x24" hickory door? I'm thinking @Tmize's concept should work if the door is thick enough but isn't too thick. You could even recess (maybe even route with a dovetail cutter, then cut the bottom side 90 degrees to surface removing the one half of the dovetail) the french cleat below the surface where when the top and bottom cleats are engaged the door sits flush against the surface of the cabinet or wall opening it's covering. Something like this quick MS Paint sketch. Repeated on the bottom. ðŸŧ, RXR
  17. I have seen them used in projects. I have not yet had a need for any. But, then again, I haven't had a real "woodworking project" pass my worktop in a while... Andy Klein has been doing some great work with magnets - lately, Magswitch specifically. They've come out with a drill press fence that is nothing short of brilliant. That guy is scary smart! 😎😁 But, also his newest benches are pretty incredible, too. I used one to attach a post-it note to the edge of my PC monitor last night. I couldn't stand to see them just sitting there not doing any work! 😆 👋, RXR
  18. I've been using an aCPAP machine for years, 3 or 4 at least. For years I've been hesitatingly throwing the mask headgear away. As I'm throwing them away I'm trying to figure out what I could salvage from them because it just seems like a waste to toss them. I gave a couple of the hoses away to someone that used them as a vacuum accessory to small spaces. I get a new one about every 3 months. It wasn't until today that I realized what it was I was agonizing over this whole time. *My mask - NOT ME! 😁* It's a ResMed AirFit F30 (full face) mask. The bottom straps are magne
  19. Glad you said it didn't have to be "woodworking related", @Kev 😉 I'm not married. I don't have children. For many other reasons, my gift giving pool has been greatly diminished...and, with the loss of the intended meaning of the day I'm a bit turned off by the disposable nature of modern day Christmas. I'm not anti-Christmas by any means - I honor the day in my own way, as it was intended and I'm not even religious! 😆 Besides the gifts, I did certainly have a splendid time with family and great food (a delicious smoked brisket as the main course ðŸĪĪ). But, except for the Grizzl
  20. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with family, friends and loved ones...and with great food! All the best to you all! Merry Christmas! ðŸŧ, RXR
  21. That makes sense. But, in the future, if you do sign and date, your offspring's, offspring's, offspring will ask their parents - "Great-grandpa Jamie made that himself, by hand?" Maybe it's just me, but I like the thought of that occurring. ?, RXR
  22. Wonderful Christmas project. Working on it with Mom makes it even more special. I have a question, if you don't mind. On the wooden applique (for lack of a better term), is the uppermost frond/branch a separate piece (the part with the light glinting off of it)? Are you going to sign and date them? It will answer the questions progeny will have. ?, RXR
  23. I think your reasoning for the limit is sound. But, on the reverse, there are very many posts I would have reacted to legitimately if I could have. Some of these good people's work is missing out on the recognition they deserve. I try and wait until it's restored but even then I often never get back to them. Sometimes I do, most times I don't. I understand the abuse aspect, though. Some people just can't Adult! ? ?, RXR
  24. Ditto. Ditto to all the comments above I have not "reacted" to... ?, RXR
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