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  1. Finished the top/cutting board of the build. I decided to add a 1/4” maple border. Unfortunately had some kick back that messed up a miter and was out of material, but my miter joints are improving. I ended up doing epoxy for the stars since my inlay wasn’t lining up after a couple of go’s. Just waiting on a few hinges to finish the cart and then it will be time to break down, sand, and paint. Also, I ended up just doing some small pocket screws for the bottom.
  2. I used my CNC machine for the stars with a 60 degree vee bit.
  3. So I’ve had some Purple Heart and Padauk sitting here waiting to be used and got an idea for a kitchen cart with a cutting board attached to the top. With the extra 2x4 pieces I had lying around I have not had to buy any materials so far. Also this is my first time doing half lap, dowel fasteners, and inlays so I’m loving the testing of my skills with this project. Any way. I wanted to get your thoughts on how to attach the bottom shelf. I built it using inner dimensions without thinking about how to attach it. The only thing I can come up with is using pocket holes in the corners to attach to the legs. Any other thoughts to avoid using screws as much as possible? Credit to MWA woodworks on YouTube for the flag cutting board idea.
  4. I’m similar thinking as you but the middle gets moved around for me. - Table Saw - Planer - Dust Collector - Band saw - Router Table - Drill Press - Miter Saw - Drum Sander - Jointer The reason I moved Jointer and Miter Saw lower is a table sash a good miter gauge can do what a miter saw can do. Same thing with a jointer. If you get a planet then you can make a sled that can cut straight lines to make your ends flat, like the jointer. Rather invest in a track saw first before buying a miter. One last bit of advice for any new woodworkers building their inventory - Pick your color options early when buying your battery powered tools. I’m in the process of converting Blue (Kobalt) to Red (Milwaukee) since I started out with the cheaper option and not doing my research more in depth.
  5. KoDean

    Kreg ACS

    I did find another reason to wonder an ACS purchase. If I am going to be cutting elongated angle cuts, the ACS would be a big help instead of running those cuts on a miter gauge on the table saw. Just for anybody that might be in the same camp as me.
  6. We have been getting rain like crazy these last few weeks too. My lawn mower is earning its keep this summer, for sure.
  7. KoDean

    Kreg ACS

    Fair point. I think I’ll get the ACS when that project comes around where I need the bigger cuts. Until then I’ll stay steady with my current set up.
  8. Today I was sweating and it only got to 87ish.
  9. KoDean

    Kreg ACS

    I even looked at upgrading to that since that has the best dust collection for a miter saw but I decided to just use that money to buy a number of tools since it still would have clean up involved anyway.
  10. I’m in Wichita Falls, TX. 1.5 hours N of Ft Worth.
  11. KoDean

    Kreg ACS

    I’ll post my shop sometime this week to show off my layout but my biggest reason was dust collection. I never used it because I always hated cleaning up around it.
  12. I’m looking forward to hearing ideas and helping any way I can too.
  13. KoDean

    Kreg ACS

    I sold my miter saw a few months back because most of the cuts I can make with my track saw or my Fusion table saw. I’ve been contemplating on buying the ACS system from Kreg since I can store it away when not in use and then pull out if I need to make some cuts. Can you think of anything the ACS could do that my table saw or the track saw (stand alone) couldn’t do? Other then cut bigger pieces.
  14. You would really love my cabinet door handles I made too. 😂
  15. Kind of excited to see where this forum goes. My skills are growing. Been doing some wood working throughout my years, but when I bought my first house my garage has been formed into a workshop. This has allowed my skills to grow the last 2 years. I finally finished building all my shop furniture this year so now I can really build my skills with in depth projects. I included a few pics of my Woodpecker wall I am working on and my assembly/outfeed table I just finished.
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