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  1. ?!!! Maybe a 'neutral' background, I would suggest! ? ?, RXR
  2. Well well. For the life of me, that looks like a tapered joint. ?, RXR
  3. See now, I had completely forgotten that. I knew it, I've seen several videos on that exact topic. Just one of those things, when you need something...it's just not there! Another excellent point. And, I plan to try locking rabbets, so that should help even more. And, yes, on the Bandy Clamps....that's the only reason I even know of them...I thought, "wouldn't those be nice to have IF I ever needed them!" ? Thank you, @Kev? ?, RXR
  4. As I said, I probably couldn't offer any help regarding your foible! ? I can say, without hesitation, that bottom board is awesome! Fantastic design! ? Is the right side of that bottom board, the right side in this picture, a tapered joint? ?, RXR
  5. Hey there, @Coop?. I have not linked a Kevs Woodworks post before but I think this gets you there. Here's to trying! ? ?, RXR
  6. Can we see it, @Kev? Not that that would help me help you but, it might help others with ideas on it. ?, RXR
  7. Hey folks! ? I'm starting on that stand I mentioned previously. I've been playing with the numbers to see what my Thought Process Machine can come up with. These are just rough sketches - the first one below is REALLY rough! ? ? The dimensions of the item the stand is for is 24-1/2 wide inches front to back x 28-1/2 inches long side to side and 10 inches deep. It weighs approximately 100+lbs. The space the stand is going in is 60 inches tall, it's the loft in the 1924 Schoolhouse. They built the loft wrong, in my opinion...but, it is what it is. I need to work with it.
  8. I almost forgot. I broke out a set of tools I have had for a very long time. My favorite Aunt gave them to me at least two decades ago - probably a decade longer than that. They've probably been to more states than many Americans! ? ? In original boxes, albeit worse for wear. I had never used them before this day. I don't believe anyone had used them...I think they're pretty neat! It was pretty ? putting them into service. ?, RXR
  9. Thank you, @Coop! That T5 light frame is in place and in service. I was going to post of picture of it in place and in service but I don't want to violate Kev's magnanimous gesture in allowing me to post my related threads here. I tried to modify the image to exclude my new residents of the female persuasion but it pretty much destroys the image and likely wouldn't make sense to any viewer. I'll start a new thread in the appropriate forum with a new project. Not much more on this one. I did apply one coat of oil-based Polyurethane just to see what the "defects" looked like.
  10. Thank you, sir! The posts may identify the purpose of the project. T5 Frame, for instance. That is a project I just completed, except for 'finish' (I'm undecided). I only started this thread because I wanted post what I was doing and imagined getting a "Well, yes...nice - but what is it, what will it be used for?". I abhor lying and I didn't want to lie. I would have preferred not posting it than to lying about it. "but, what is it?" It is a frame to mount T5s on, would be my honest response. I would have never brought politics into it. I am on the min
  11. I haven't fallen over the edge of this Flat Earth ?. I have been trying different machine layouts and getting the Grizzly 6" Jointer operational. I'm trying to figure out an extension cord I could make to let me use the Delta 22-650 13" Thickness Planer up and running before I can get the shop wired - a temporary work-around. Here's my serious question(s): Would anyone object to my posting woodworking projects pertaining to my Cannabis Cultivating needs here? Would you accept an aspiring woodworker posting woodworking projects for Cannabis Cultivation here? Som
  12. I struggled with this for a good minute yesterday, trying to get the 4" Dust Right Hose on to the 5"to4" reducer at the DC. I was unsuccessful. Was going to try again when I got a ladder for a better working advantage. Instead, I grabbed a gray 4" hose that came with my Craigslist 1 stage Delta 2 Stage Delta 50-850 1.5HP Dust Collector and put that on, then still no way to continue on the with Dust Right 4" hose. Last night I thought maybe I'd buy a Piston Ring Assembly installation tool, it's sort of the same operation. I was this close to pushing the "Buy It Now" button, when I saw
  13. Awesome story! I like it! An industry, as you now know, I am quite familiar with. We never installed an exhaust system without it also including a fire extinguisher system after we were done. I also worked in California's highly regulated food industry for a while where those systems were required by regulations. This being just one... The Tenderloin. (I wasn't there until after this picture was taken) It was a highly regarded restaurant (I don't remember the "star" rating - although it did have one). I remember it being a Prime Rib restaurant. I remember it that way maybe
  14. Congratulations, @Coop ? ?! All the very best to you! As a student of history, and I've only known your presence here on the forum....I am quite curious what business it was that your family has devoted itself to these many, many years. Are you at liberty to disclose this information? I really am a curious individual....especially regarding history. ?, RXR
  15. It is, thank you, @Jamie! I used to be a HUGE Pro-Football fan. I had a passion for it. That was until I couldn't play anymore. We were playing weekend ball after high school. We'd play non-sanctioned games against other neighborhood weekend players for prizes (kegs of beer, normally). Once I couldn't play anymore my passion for it lessened to a negligible degree. I stopped watching more than 15 years ago (except for - maybe - the Super Bowl (same with Baseball - I sometimes watch the World Series) ). I was never interested in College Ball except for the fact that they were aud
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