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Applying Finish Temps


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So I was looking through General finishes site to see what is too cold .. I found this:


Ideal Conditions are 70 degrees F and 50-70% humidity.

Refinishing furniture in a space that is below or above the 65-75 degrees F range can lead to problems, and a space below 55 degrees F is definitely too cold.


One issue caused by cold temperatures with water-based topcoats is the development of dimples in the finish called Orange Peel.


So, I am not sure I have ever finished anything in their 'perfect' temp range. It is either 90-100 or 50 like it is now ... Have yall ever had issues with applying things in too hot or too cold temps? I have not noticed any negatives applying at least my stuff, ARS and HP from general finishes in the hot. Right now my garage is 60F and I put on another coat ... I am assuming below 55 I might start seeing issues?

Just thought this was interesting so figured it might deserve its own topic outside of my quick hall table thread ... 

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The only time I have had a problem was years ago in the cold and it was with a paint product.  It wouldn't dry and stayed tacky for days.  The thing that can happen with high temps and low humidity when spraying water borne finishes or even something like lacquer is you finish will dry right out of the gun before it hits your project.  With humidity around 25% this can start to happen in the mid to high 80's.

With cold weather, if you take you finish in the house during the night you can usually still work a coat on with temps around 50. 

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I ran into problems this summer when spraying the table. Was using a precat lacquer and it kinda got a fogginess to it. It was 90s and high humidity. I believe in the industry it’s called blushing. I’d be willing to bet it was more the high humidity levels vs the temps. 

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