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Bow Products InstaGRIP Featherboard


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Since we have had a few posts lately about high priced tools that work really well I thought I would throw this out there. I purchased my InstaGRIP Featherboard Body by BOW Products last fall when it was on sale not realizing how much the Magswitch Magjigs were. Since the kids are always looking for xmas gifts I put a set of them on my amazon wish list and was lucky enough to get a set. Man does this thing work well!! Piece of cake to adjust in a just a second another over priced tool that works really really well ?


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5 hours ago, pkinneb said:

I’ll report back if I see any issues over time but I have used the miter slot version for several years with no issues this version is just so much easier to set and adjust over the miter slot version.

I have a couple with the plastic fingers and love the mag switch!  The issue with the plastic fingers is that it can be a little too stiff.  So, if the edges aren't perfectly parallel, it can be difficult to push through.

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