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Rockler Dust Chute


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So, this video is on the docket while I'm home..  It's here.

Frankly, I'm not sure that this will work well on my set up.  I have 2 hoses that run to my router table.  One in the box under the table and one to the fence.  In order to hook the Rockler Dust Chute up, I'll have to disconnect the fence hose and hook it up to the dust shoot..  

Just from a convenience perspective, I don't see it getting used like it should..

If my suspicions are correct, this item will be available to one of you that's interested..  I'll let you know after I finish the review video.

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Just finished shooting the video and doing the testing.  Bottom line for me is that it's just not an option in my shop.

For starters, the design does not work well with my table.  My table has the fence mounts on the outside of the table so, I had to add a piece of wood in order to mount it.


This left the unit a little lower than it was intended.  Additionally, the T slots that my fence rides in just become a collection point for the dust.

I ran 2 tests.  One with just the dado chute (hooked to a shop vac) and one with the dado chute and my big dust collection running.  The results left me really appreciating my recent upgrades to the dust collection on my router table!

First, just the dust chute:


Again, mostly because of the design of my table, a great deal of dust was left in the fence track.  However, there was still a lot of dust left on the table as well.

Next up, running the dust chute and my big dust collection:


My big dust collection made the dust chute completely irrelevant.  There was barely a spec of dust in the fence track.

For the record, the bit used for the test was a worn out 3/4" spiral bit and the cut depth was about 3/8".  In the video without the big dust collector, the bit burned really badly but, I knew the bit was bad when I ran the test.  I suspect the bit was burning just as badly in the test with the full dust collection but, it was carried away and could not be seen.

So, in conclusion, who wants the Rockler Dado Dust Chute?  Free to anyone here, just cover shipping. Only used twice 😂

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