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4 hours ago, theduke said:

Was born and raised there, mainly in the Moore/Norman area.  Whereabouts are you at roughly?  Out in Colorado now.  Welcome to the forums! 

When working in OK, I work a lot in Enid and my company is based in Tulsa.  I live in NW Montana (Kalispell) near Glacier National Park..

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27 minutes ago, Kev said:

When working in OK, I work a lot in Enid and my company is based in Tulsa.  I live in NW Montana (Kalispell) near Glacier National Park..

I meant to ask that to Rod, lol.  My bad.

Enid is the town that I got pulled over it when I was almost going to blow up a truck, lol.  Tulsa is where I went to a car show and thought I was gonna get 4 girls' numbers while I was in high school only for them to take me to a church where I didn't understand anyone since they were all talking and speaking in tongues.  If you get bored in Oklahoma, there's like 5 to 10 restaurants that are pretty epic for food that we all went to eat at while I was studying at OU.  Ken's Steaks and Ribs in Amber is probably the most epic place that I've ever eaten at with a group of people.  The place is/was (been a decade since I've been there) only open Thursday through Sunday, cash only, and always had a 2 hour wait.  I showed up with 10 other people on a Friday night and we were standing in this long line when this short old fella squeezed in between me and my date at the time and spun around in a circle and asked us "how many of you are there?" and I told the guy "11.  Why?"  "Nevermind that, I will be right back" and he left the same way he came in and we all just looked at each other and laughed and continued conversing.  Sure enough, in the middle of this long line, he showed back up 4 or 5 minutes later and says "I have your table, follow me" and I was asked "old man, all these people in front of us need tables first"  "nevermind them, follow me" and so we followed him.  He led us to a table set for 11 right by the kitchen doors.  I was pulling out the chair for my date to sit down and he had placed menus every where and he said "i'll be right back" and disappears into the kitchen.  He came back out within a minute with ribs and put them on the table "we didn't order these" I said.  "nevermind that, they're on the house" and he left just as quickly as stating that.  By far the most unique customer interaction I've ever had, but if you get bored with food and ask people "where can I get the best steak in Oklahoma?"  you'll get some generic answers, like my old man makes the best if he's up for cooking, or texas roadhouse is pretty good steaks for a sit down, and then you'll meet the person that will just plainly state "ken's in amber."  I'm pretty much sold on that place after I went there.  Meers is pretty good too, but more for a lunch.  I need to do the same things like that out here in Colorado, but no one has talked about any restaurant that's cash only.

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