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Greetings from SE North Carolina!

Pastor Joe

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Just this morning I came across Kev's YouTube page and his 2022 shop tour...loved it!  While I began building up my shop tools and really starting my woodworking adventure some 18-19 years ago, I reentered the hobby in the spring of 2020.  First, there was this pandemic that suddenly forced some free time upon me.  Second, we had a young grandson of about 1 years of age and I wanted to do some things for him.  And third, my wife and I started talking about getting a sailboat again and I figured I needed to get back into woodworking so I could take care of all the maintenance and repairs

Well, we still don't have a sailboat, but I have fallen in love with woodworking all over again.  I love learning new things and trying different projects.  My first love in the shop has become my scroll saw...something I tried once or twice but it is now one of my main areas of interest.  I don't have expensive tools or an overly organized shoop...but I suppose that is part of the fun (though I continue to work on the organizing part!)

I look forward to learning from folks here and continuing my efforts at improving my skills!


- Pastor Joe


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Welcome to the forums!  

You'll find this is a great bunch of folks for either bouncing ideas off of or getting advice from!  Even though I own the forums and create the videos, these great folks influence many of my ideas and creations!

I look forward to seeing your work and your added views on the conversations!

Again, welcome!

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