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A Little Addition to the Collection


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I have a few small projects for my wife's quilting room and was running low on Walnut in the shop so, it was time for the great deal with my local dealer for stuff he couldn't sell..  He didn't have much this year..


And, his prices were pretty darn good on the Bubinga that he had so I couldn't resist..  Wide boards to boot!


For the record.....  Those 2 piles equaled exactly what I sold the old bandsaw for..  Kind of seems strange to essentially trade lumber for tools...lol

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On 11/24/2021 at 7:49 PM, Coop said:

You either sold too low or price of lumber is getting out of hand. I thought of starting to build with syp but can’t afford a 2x4! 

At times I've wished I could get SYP out here that came in 8' lengths.  BBSs has 2' and 3' small project lengths.

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14 hours ago, Kev said:

Yep..  Pretty common once you get out this way to see Doug Fir or Hem Fir..

Doug Fir.

I can get Beetle Killed Pine with the cool colorations from my friend that has a sawmill, and I think I could get Doug Fir from him too, but I have a lot of BKP...

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