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This Stuff Bugs Me!


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Ok, probably petty but, just poor craftsmanship bugs the crap out of me..

As you know, I'm traveling for work.  The hotel room looks nice and well maintained at first glance.  The first shower ruined the curb appeal!

My view of the shower tile from the showering position.


Off just enough to bug me when standing there..  But, what it did to the other end of the row really bugged me..


You would think they would level the tile and avoid this!

Ok..  Vent over..🤣

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This makes me feel better. I spent the night a couple of days ago in Kerrville TX at a halfway first class motel. I didn’t have a newspaper the next morning to read so I was looking around the toilet area and noticed the same darn thing! Damn scary! 😁

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