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Incra IBox


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Earlier this year, I did a review on the Rockler box joint jig and was a bit underwhelmed.  The Incra box joint jig has been around for quite a while and (I think) has pretty much become the standard.  This jig can be used at either the table saw or the router table.  It can also be set up for either a right tilt or left tilt saw.

In my usual way, I didn't give the instructions the proper reading prior to trying to test this out.  


Some assembly required out of the box.  The instructions were decent and easy enough to follow for assembly.  However, the set up instruction were a bit tough to follow but, Incra did a nice job with a good video for the set-up.


Again, I only skimmed these instructions in my haste to create a box joint with this jig.

If I had a complaint during set up, it would be with the t-slot adjustment for the miter bar.  It is adjustable but, I had difficulty getting it adjusted just right for my table saw's t-slot. It would either be too tight or too loose and I couldn't find a happy medium.   It was an easy fix by adding a strip of blue painter's tape to one side of the bar.

I didn't change out my blade or add a stack as I just wanted to run a simple test with a standard 1/8" kerf blade.  I should have watched the above video first but, lucked into a pretty good set up right off the bat.. 😊  


A close up look at the test cut shows that I used the ATB blade and that the set up was just a fuzz off.


Now that I've watched the video and understand the minor set up step I missed, the set up will be much easier and not as finnicky as I initially made it..  

Understanding the micro adjust feature is the real key to this jig and is well explained in their video!  I also love the feature of being able to use odd sized boards by creating a larger pin in the center.  Although I haven't cut one of these yet, it's a simple process and makes complete sense.

So, my impression on this jig is that it's well built in typical Incra fashion, easy to assemble and set up provided you take the time to watch the video.  Don't do like I did and skim through the available set up and assembly instructions and video..

I see a lot more box joints in my future with this jig in the shop!

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32 minutes ago, Coop said:

Kev, wouldn’t a flat ground blade have been better? 
I’m still a fan of the Rockler router jig, although I seem to be in the minority.

Yes, that's why I mentioned it above..  I have one, just too lazy to drop it in for this test..  I actually bought another stack just to do box joints.

I will say that this is a serious upgrade from the Rockler one.  However, if the Rockler jig is getting the job done for you then I see no reason to change.

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