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Shelf Pin Jigs

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Transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Bushwacked

Original Post:

Just curious what you all use? I have been looking at everything from rockler to woodpecker. Considered making my own but that just brings a chance of slop into play and would really like my shelving to be level haha.

Follow Up Posts:

1)  I have a few of them. I have the Woodpecker one as well as the Festool rail with the holes in it.
Regardless, I find myself always going back to the home made option that I created with when doing the closet built in.
If you don't want to make your own, I'll cut you a sweet deal on my Woodpecker version which I did demo in that video.
As for slop, if you build it correctly, you'll be fine. I made mine 1.5" on each side of the holes, used my fence on the drill press to create the holes, and used the same spacing off of each end as well.

2)  Interesting ... Is it because your homemade one is quicker and easier to use? Or what?
Yes, I'll PM for details on what you want I'll take it off your hands please :)

3)  Yep..  With the home made version, I just simply clamp it in place and start drilling.  With the other ones, they require a router with a bushing and a lot of extra set up.  The tricky part with the home made version is the depth stop on the drill bit,  I usually accomplish this with blue tape on the bit which isn't the most accurate method especially in terms of repeatability.  One of these days, I'll remember to order a stop collar for the drill bit which will solve that issue.

4)  I have the kreg jig, the Festool LR32 and one I made out of a piece of pegboard. The kreg is easy to use. The pegboard works well, but sometimes you can jack up a hole.

5)  Kev, as it’s easier to ask than to go back, is your home made version made from wood, as I suspect? And what keeps the bit from wallowing out the holes after successive drilling?

6)  Yes, it's made from some scrap 3/4" birch that I had in the shop.  To me, the trick (if you want to call it that) is to put the bit in the hole before pulling the trigger and then drill straight ;)
Something else to thing about..  If your hole has gotten a little sloppy, are you really going to notice it being a 32nd off from the other side of the cabinet?


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