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Another Picture Frame


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Submitted on the old forum by Kev

This one is done in Bubinga and cherry and finished with lacquer.  Once again, the miter sled really paid off!  The picture is the only picture that I have (or know of) of my mom as a young girl so, has a great deal of sentimental value..


Many more of these on the docket this weekend! I've been needing to do these for a long time!


Follow up posts


1) Very well done Kev, good combination of woods for the pic. Do you do your own matting?

2) Thanks!  Matting is my wife's department and she usually get's that at the local Michaels..

3) Cranked out 3 more today from start to finish.. Long day but, that's mostly waiting for glue and finish to dry..


4) If I were to guess, walnut and cherry?

5) You would be spot on..  I was out of Cherry though so, used maple for the splines in these..  Yep..  Not even enough Cherry in the shop to make a few splines..

6) One of our employees likes to travel all over Texas and the Midwest taking pics of old buildings. I made this frame from walnut, simple with a chamfered outside edge. Although the dark wood and low quality phone camera would probably hide most open joints, using your jig left good tight ones. 

7) That sled does an amazing job and really takes all the stress out of the build!  I had a couple small issues with a couple of my frames so, started the investigation to find out where the issue was.  I started with the sled and it was spot on.  When I went to the table saw, I found mu blade was just a smidge off of 90.  Made the correction and the remaining frames came out flawless.

Maybe the first issue with the new saw?  I set it initially and hadn't changed the angle so, I'm not sure why it was off of 90?  Of course, now I'm checking it often and locking that handle when not in use


“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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