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Raised Dog Feeder


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Submitted on the old forum by Kev

First off, apologies!  I forgot to snag pics before closing up the shop for the night so, will add them in the morning.  

I'm sure most of you saw this build in WFC with Marc.  I asked my neighbors and none of them wanted one.  There's no way in hell my dogs are going to eat that close to each other so, I opted not to build this years project.  I was happy to see them make their goal without my contribution!

Today, when my wife was home for lunch, we started going over our Christmas stuff to see what we were doing for who..  Low and behold, when she brought up the list for our oldest son and DIL, they had a raised dog feeder on their list..  If I'd of only known a few days sooner!

Anyway, I got after it today even though I don't have a table saw. I used the WW plans.   I had some 8/4 and 4/4 scrap cherry that were just about the right size.  Took me about 3 hours to have everything except cutting the holes for the dishes and finish.  My wife will pick up the dishes tomorrow and then I'll cut the holes and finish..

Pictures to follow in tomorrow.


Here's a picture I took this morning..  Still needs the top mounted, edges treated, and the holes cut.  Of course, some finish is in order as well..  Thinking about ARS followed by Lacquer on this one since it's got a month or so to off gas..


Here's the finished version..  All Cherry and finished with a coat of ARS followed up with lacquer.



Follow up posts

1) It’s a dog’s life! My wife’s niece asked me to make her one last year for their Mastiff with a food holder built in. Luckily I found out before building it that her favorite color was black and she intended to paint it so it was made from poplar.

2) What did you use to cut the holes? 

3) Nothing, The dogs ate the appropriate sized hole!

4) Router on a trammel.. Marc actually does a pretty decent job describing it in the videos..

5) My dog (2yo lab)would just eat the holder. She loves chewing on wood. She gets wood from firewood stack in the back yard and will chew it to nothing in about a week

6) When the dogs come in the shop, the first place they go is the scrap bin to see if there's something in there for them.  I've never had an issue with them chewing on something finished though.

7) Only thing finish she has ever chewed on finished was the drawer knob on my bench right after I’ve got done with it. Well that and my screen in porch but that’s a different story

Oh..  And as I was waiting for glue to dry on the dog feeder, I banged out one more Christmas gift that was on the list... Viewing middle out..  Bubinga, maple, and Sapele..  Also finished with ARS and Lacquer.


“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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