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Sled Rack Top


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As most of you know, my sled rack was built to go with my old saw and is just too short for the "new" saw.  I know, it's been a few years.

Well, I finally fixed that issue today to get more support with longer material.  I used the left over melamine from making my vacuum bag plattens and then affixed a piece of Plexiglas on top of that.  I did paint the melamine as well as edge banded it just for better looks.  The melamine had to go in a few pieces but, it will get the job done.

I also found that one corner of my table saw had settled slightly so, I was able to raise that up as well.  Overall, the rack top sit's about 1/32" below the table saw surface.  Considering shop floors are never perfect, that's good enough for me.


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