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How would you glue this?


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I have these barrel hinges for a little ring box I am making. Ruined the first round because I tried CA glue and it got into the hinge mechanism and clogged it all up. Assuming I just put too much in there … but is CA glue still the best idea to glue them in? 

this was after I ruined it and drilled out that hinge 



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1 hour ago, Kev said:

Ok, time for me to do a project with Barrel hinges!  Thanks @Chet!

There is a list for that six forums above this one. 😀

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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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ended up redoing the top piece that was ruined ... went with some gorilla epoxy, as it was at HD and I could get it right then. Dabbed it into the hole with a smaller dowel and then rubbed the edges a little with it. The hinges seem to be stuck in there pretty good now ... what a pain in the ass!! Took way more time than it should have haha. Guess next time I need to go with different hinges if its going to be that small, or upgrade to bigger hinges with the actual screw you can use to tighten.

Thanks for the help guys! 





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