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This topic is buried deep in one of my build threads and I'm sure not everyone reads those threads thoroughly so may have missed it.

I've set up a private preview section on this forum to preview my videos before they are released on YouTube.  I won't be releasing every video there but, from time to time, there are videos that I think you guys may enjoy or get some use out of.  These videos are still monitized so, there will be ads.

So, how do you get access?

  • Be a registered and active member of this forum
  • Send me a request via PM

From there, I'll change your badge and open up that section of the forum to you.  

Now, if you don't want the early access and prefer to just wait for them to come out on YouTube, that's fine too.  Just a perk I'm attempting to give to active members of this forum!

All I ask in return is that you don't share the videos.  If these videos start getting shared out, I'll have to discontinue the forum perk.

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