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1 minute ago, Coop said:

Kev, are you sure this is the kit that fits your Bosch? I went to use it tonight for the first time since buying and even with the adapter, it doesn’t fit mine. 

That looks different than mine..  Did I send you that link?


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Just now, Coop said:

Yes sir but don’t fret as it does fit my PC.

Something must have changed with that link..  That's not the one that I have..

This one is a cheaper version and if I sent you that link, I'd be happy to purchase one for you!



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6 minutes ago, Coop said:

I don’t think either of the two you just referenced will fit either as both of my Bosch’s have a 2 1/16” od center hole.

Thanks for the offer but no need to purchase as again, it does fit my PC. Just trying to find the one for Bosch. 

Now I need to go measure the hole I have...lol

I have this kit as well and sincerely hope it's not the one currently on my Bosch Router..  I'd really feel bad steering you wrong..



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5 minutes ago, Coop said:

Thanks for the research and no apologies necessary bud. It will get used on my PC.

And I see you are having 4* temps right now so extra thanks for getting out in that! 

Actual temp is -1 but, that's splitting hairs..  Still just a sweatshirt to run to the heated shop..

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29 minutes ago, Coop said:

How well do the mini splits keep up with those temps? Do you see a marked increase in your electric bills during those temps? Do you have them set at lower temps at night when you’re not in the shop?

Holding up fine for now.. When it get's below 0, I try and run less milling sessions.  The shop holds at around 68 degrees and we haven't gotten to temps so low that it's effected the shop..  I've been impressed with them.

Power bills go up in the winter but, they're not unmanageable.  I'm not noticing anything different than any other year on that front.

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