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Apologies for the Down Time!

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First and most important, apologies for the down time.

It started with a faulty hard drive and led to a bunch of other issues.  If anything is missing, we have to company we entrusted to do our backups to thank for that!  At worst, it should only be a few days.

We're currently working on the issues with the older pictures.  Even though I'm going to post an updated picture on the Desk build, I would suggest waiting to post pictures until we get that issue resolved.  My Desk post with a picture is as much a test as it is an update.

We're working diligently to ensure that this doesn't happen again!  I'm learning this process as I go and learning a lot of lessons!  

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Well, looks like the picture issue is taken care of but we lost a little better than a day's worth of posts..  

Again, apologies for the down time and any loss of updates!

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