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Easy(er) Method of Getting Rockler 4" Dust Right Hose onto Rockler 4" Dust Right Quick Change Handle.

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I struggled with this for a good minute yesterday, trying to get the 4" Dust Right Hose on to the 5"to4" reducer at the DC.  I was unsuccessful.  Was going to try again when I got a ladder for a better working advantage.  Instead, I grabbed a gray 4" hose that came with my Craigslist 1 stage Delta 2 Stage Delta 50-850 1.5HP Dust Collector and put that on, then still no way to continue on the with Dust Right 4" hose.

Last night I thought maybe I'd buy a Piston Ring Assembly installation tool, it's sort of the same operation.  I was this close to pushing the "Buy It Now" button, when I saw that that wouldn't work because that ring tool itself would be in the way of extracting it and leaving the fitting IN the hose.

Then I started looking at all of my DC hose fittings and I came across some remnant 5" metal ducting.  Remnants I received with the Craigslist purchase and that I've kept around for this entire time with no reason to - except, well ? ?

Since last night my Thought Process Machine was working overtime on how to make it work.

I found a way.

I used the remnant 5" metal ducting as an open funnel.  After thoroughly deburring both the I.D. and the O.D. edges, I reduced its diameter and put that in the hose, then separated it along its pittsburgh joint (for lack of a better term) and put the handle of the Rockler Dust Right Quick Change Handle through that opening and pushed it into place in the hose....as close as I could get and as best I was going to be able to get into the hose.  I got about 90% of the fitting into the hose, then was able to walk the hose the rest of the way not fitting.  It actually went better and easy than I expected.



I was going to post this up to this point and comment that I will change this typical hose clamp with a Bridged Hose Clamp when I found the ones I know I have here.

I found them when I was looking again for a way to get that Rockler hose on the reducer.



I'm not sure the same method will work up on the reducer but I have a thought that it will - once I can get a better advantage up there.

***IF not sooner!*** ?



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