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Box for Branding Iron


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I will store my new branding iron in one of my tool drawers but it seems like an item the could get banged or nicked up so today I built a box out of some leftover poplar I had.  I used box joints and a sliding top.  When I cut the top, I screwed up my measurement by and inch and because I was using scraps for the project I didn't have another piece that would work so I added a piece of wenge on the end as a pull.


I did a couple of coats of blonde de-waxed shellac that I had a small amount of left in the jar.


The wenge is rounded on the end, then I coved the top with a rasp and rounded the bottom also with the rasp.  Kind of hard to see on th dark wood.




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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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I would have to brand the lid so I would remember what was in there.

I find my iron somewhat inconsistent in the depth and color which I am sure it is due to uneven pressure on my part. I now cut 1/4” thick strips of maple and cherry and brand these strips and sand them a bit for consistency of color and discard the ugly ones, then glue a good one in place. 

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