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I received this branding iron for Christmas from my daughter and family.  My granddaughter came up with the design including designing the font itself.

It takes about ten minutes to warm up,  I tried it after five minutes but it wasn't hot enough at that point.  It does take a little trial and error to get the touch down.  Here is what I learned at least with this one, other company's branding irons may be different.  

You don't have to press hard, you just need to apply enough pressure to hold it in place, to much pressure and you don't get a crisp image.

If I tried to hold it with just one hand the opposite side would not burn as well as the side of your hand, when I did it with both hands holding it in place, it came out much better.

After I burned the image I sanded it lightly, this removed most of the fuzzy looking edges from the image.

I tried it on cherry and maple for roughly ten seconds, no sophisticated stop watch involved just counting in my head.  They both came out pretty much the same.  I have no idea how this would go with darker woods.

The company that this one came from is called High Desert CNC Designs, he is on Etsy.  The on that I have was $68.00 and comes with a rest and a small wire brush to clean the head when needed.

I don't know how other branding irons are but this one the brass portion screws on and off, so if you wanted multiple designs you would only have to purchase the brass portion in the future which I think is about $35.00.

He doesn't do any design work you have to provide your own artwork.  You send in your artwork and they send you back a proof for approval then you place your order.  Once he has your order it ships in 1 to 3 days from Southern California.

He also does stamps for leather.






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