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Wholly Crap! I Hope Your Shop Logo/Brand/Design Doesn't Cost This Much!

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Hello everyone!

While my woodworking experience or projects completed probably didn't deserve the effort I've put into coming up with a name for it...

***I've actually done several pieces, just haven't shown them here....nothing like fine furniture.  But, made with purpose.

Back when I was thinking of one (everyone has one, it seems 😉😁), I kept coming up empty-handed.  I puzzled over it for quite some time.  Nothing.

Then it hit me.  A name I've been known by since high school.  Since high school football, to be precise.

My teammates used my initials (R R) and stated calling me RailRoad because I plowed through people (opponents mostly 🤪) like a freight train.  It stuck.

Then it finally hit me.  It had been staring at me for most of my life.  RXR.  That's what it stands for, my initials.

It was that or R, R, R...(the sound a Seal makes - the Pinnipeds - the Ocean going mammals 🤪🤣)  Still cracks me up when I recall the days! 🤣

Anyway, the point of this thread?

I'm in the market for an actual ...



But, MAN....they're damned expensive.  The one above is at auction (Ebay) and it's at $107...that's not the final price.  I saw some that are asking $200 and more.  Some are $1000+ 😲

I should have pinched one back when the nickname was given me! 🤪🤣

Anyway, I'm in the market. 

IF you, or anyone you know, wants to sell me a real one (or a very well crafted replica that looks vintage) for a reasonable price (reasonable for a disabled Veteran on a VA Pension) I'll buy it.

Pro Tip: Don't name your shop after something REALLY, REALLY expensive!!! 👍👍👍 🤣🤣🤣

Tips 🎩,


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4 hours ago, Kev said:

Thank you, sir.

I saw those and looking vintage on the front doesn't do anything for me, respectfully.  I especially find the backsides of those signs very unappealing (It might be due to my hit and miss collecting hobby, and maybe American Pickers spoiled me! 😆

I'd prefer a well and hand-crafted vintage looking RXR sign as opposed to one of those.  One I'd be willing to pay for one from a like-minded fellow, like here among the members of this site.

*when I get some horizontal surface space I may roll the idea around in my melon and see what I can up with (I do have some Birch plywood that 'might' be a good size for one)*

I do appreciate the consideration in your posting it, sincerely.

IF I can't stumbled across a reasonably priced authentic RXR sign, or a fellow woodworker doesn't present one to me for purchase, I'll see what I can do.

I do have a dormant art background....so, it's not a stretch to at least consider it 😉




I do sincerely thank you for taking the time to help, @Kev.  It is appreciated!

***HA!  I was going to ask about a "Preview" function once I thought there wasn't one.  I just checked every button in the text editor, something I had not done before, and WHAM!  There it is! 🤣.  In my defense, it does more resemble a "Find"/"Search" button***

Tips 🎩,


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33 minutes ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

Why not just get a piece of sheet metal and paint yourself.

Yes, @Woodenskye (Bryan)... I only hit on that idea while composing my last post up there.  It never crossed my mind until I was typing those words.  Weird how the human brain works sometimes.  I have been thinking a "real, authentic" sign for so long I pushed out all other options - until up there.

I have already been window shopping for some high reflective Yellow paint for metal and/or wood - turns out (from my brief search) they're different.

While window shopping I started thinking about the design I would have IF I were to make a logo or brand -  a final design of sorts (if it every gets that far).  An old train station visually converted to a woodshop and visible in the background with the RXR sign (fashioned out of a table saw blade - transpose on the RXR sign or the reverse - haven't nailed that part down yet....still stewing in my overripe melon 😉  😄 ) on a wooden post next to the train tracks like in real life, and nearer to the observers perspective (nearer foreground).

I might work on it.

Cheers, Bryan!,


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