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Venom Steel Disposable Gloves - Nice!

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9 minutes ago, Coop said:

Back in my days, there were no limits. Pissed me off back then but grateful now! 

Kev, what are the limits of likes? 

I don't recall off the top of my head exactly what they are but, I think it's 10.

I could change the number but, other forums have had an issue with people padding their numbers.  It seems that "likes" equate to a badge of honor.  I chose to leave the limit in place to prevent that issue on this forum.

If the group would like to see the limit raised, I'm open to the conversation as we're still a fairly small group.

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14 minutes ago, Coop said:

It’s just that I usually don’t have time during the day to participate in the forum and try to catch up in the evening and am surprised at the limit. Maybe I should limit my enthusiasm? 

If the group wants the number raised, I'm happy to raise it.


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1 hour ago, Kev said:

If the group wants the number raised, I'm happy to raise it.


I think your reasoning for the limit is sound.  But, on the reverse, there are very many posts I would have reacted to legitimately if I could have.  Some of these good people's work is missing out on the recognition they deserve.  I try and wait until it's restored but even then I often never get back to them.  Sometimes I do, most times I don't.

I understand the abuse aspect, though.  Some people just can't Adult! ?



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