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wood not Lumber

Woodenskye (Bryan)

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Thread transferred from previous forum - Original post by Puka

Original Post:

I think I need to set the record straight here. Its WOOD. . .no idea what this lumber is that you northerners speak of. To me Lumber is that region in the lower back. I wish you people would type proper engrish.
Now that's out of the way. . .WOOD yours and mine. I've been talking to Kevin for years about this. You guys in the northern Hemisphere and us way down here in the deep deep south.
I'm sure some of you will be interested in different wood.
Kevin has always talked about what he builds with and has taken the piss with me what he sometimes throws away because he's run out of room. What you guys get and can buy and or what you treat as local wood to me is what i would call exotic wood. We can get some of it but not a lot and when we do its damn expensive. On the other hand what I can buy and or acquire here is the same for you exotic but for me not so much.
So local wood for me that I have used or have in stock waiting to be used :
Kauri - Native to NZ
Rimu - Native to NZ
Pohutakawa - Native to NZ
Totara - Native to NZ
Saligna Eucalyptus - Native to Australia
Botryoides Eucalyptus - Native to Australia
Jarra Eucalyptus - Native to Australia
Macrocarpa or Cupressus macrocarpa - Native to California USA (Grows like a weed here in NZ).
There are more but these ones are the most common. . . ok maybe some not so common but I have used them.
Not so local
European Spruce - Dunnage
Kwila - Used mostly for Decks
Purple Heart - Dunnage
Cedar - Sourced from a Trip to Dallas back in 2006
I'll post some pics for all you interested wood nuts of my wood in the future. But I figure a thread about wood needs to kick off.
Follow Up Posts:
1) It's all lumber!
I'm sure the others will find your descriptions above interesting!
2) Lumber and wood are interchangeable in my mind. The lower back is lumbar, if your lower back is lumber you might be a bit stiff.
3)  There is an Aussie on another forum and he refers to everything as timber. :)
4)  Timber, lumber, wood....  As long as we know what they're referring to.... ;)
5)  When I called the freight company to pick up the lumber from Spanky, I told the lady over the phone both timbers and wood and she didn’t have a clue and finally I told her boards and she asked why I didn’t say so in the first place and she was serious.
6)  Australians (Ozzies) are weird buggers, even weirder than you Americans. I thought everyone knew that Timbre is what you yell loudly when a tree is about to fall over!
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