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Sliding Bevel Gauge

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Thread transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Coop

Original Post:

Anyone have a suggestion for a good to better one? 

Follow Up Posts:

1)  All mine are old Stanley. The only important part is that it locks and holds the angle you set even if it gets bumped rattling around on the bench.

2)  And you’re right! Even two pieces 3/4” wide strips of ply held together with spring clamps work. I just want to treat myself to a purty one, as well as functional.

3)  I have a couple Woodpeckers ones that look and work awesome! They don't work any differently or better than the cheap Stanley that I have but sure cost a lot more..
I agree with Tmize that holding the angle is the important part..

4)  This is the one I have and it's held up over the years real well. This link is amazon but I actually got mine from Peach Tree about a decade ago.


5)  Thanks Chet. Every time you answer one of my questions, it costs me money  :) 

6)  That's just part of being on a forum Ken, helping other members in anyway you can. ::)

7)  Appreciate ya bud! Just click on the link, click on pay now and it will be here on Monday. Gotta love/hate Amazon! That is a nice looking gauge. Looking forward to using it.

8  So you got a project in mind to try out that new bevel gauge?

9)  It’s not fine woodworking but a new purple Martin house. They will be here soon.

10)  Ok..  I know there's a story behind that comment?

11)  Not really. I have to replace a roof on a purple Marin house and need to replicate the angles where they meet at the top. My HD gauge works but just would like to have a nicer one. It’s more of a like than a need.

12)  Forgive my ignorance..  What's a purple Marin house?

13)  Bird house for Purple Martins, I believe.

14)  I think it's a house for purple aliens from Mars. :P

15)  Ah, family..  That's probably it ;)

16)  I would prefer to think of it as a creative name for Coop's liquor cabinet.

17)  Yeah, I forgot the “t”. Purple Martin house. A couple arrived last week and had sent their deposit in and get here to find their room not ready or the light on for them!

18)  Me and my son (6 yrs old) built a bird house this weekend. I cut out all the pieces and predrilled some holes. Then I handed him a box of nails and hammer an unleashed him on it. It turned out almost square and no busted fingers from holding it while he stated them.

19)  That's awesome!

20)  Still no clue as to what the Purple Martin house is.

21)  They are apartment type wooden structures that purple Martin birds use to lay their eggs and raise their babies in when they migrate north for the spring and part of summer. Here in Texas they usually arrive in mid Feb. to early March and leave in mid July to head back to S. America. They are really cool birds to have around.
And I received my bevel gauge yesterday so apparently it wasn’t on Amazon’s plane that went down Sat. just east of Houston. And I don’t say that in a demeaning way as it was certainly a tragic accident. 

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