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Small Flat Squares

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Thread transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Bushwacked

Original Post:

Does anyone use something like this? Many times it would have been nice to have something flat. I have plenty of square I can hook on an edge.


Follow Up Posts:

1)  You might try here.. I've bought many squares here..


2)  Yep, every square I have in the shop came from Epstein's.

3)  I have that exact veritas square in 6". I use it more than any other square I have. I have 8" woodpecker, 2 different 6" combination squares, 2 4" squares and the veritas is by far the one I reach for the most.

4)  This is the square that I most reach for in my shop.. Great price on these as well!


5)  Took your word for it. Mines on it’s way. Thanks

6)  I think I have about 4 of them...lol

7)  I have one of the 6 inch like your's and 3 of the 4 inch, one of which stays in my apron pocket.  Its nice to have multiples when laying out mortise, tenons, or other layout work.  It's nice to have each set up with a different measurement instead of having to change one back and forth.

8  I’ve had a stainless 24” ruler for years and it has suddenly disappeared. I don’t recall where I got it or the name brand. Since it was close in color to my ts top, it has disappeared before by blending in with the top. Do any of you have one similar that you just can’t do without and where did you get it?

9)  I have several and I really like them all! You guys know me, they all have a home in my shop and that's where you'll find them. Unless I'm mid project and need them at a particular setting, then they sit with the project.

10)  I received mine yesterday and it’s a neat deal. I can see where having a couple of these will come in handy!

11)  They're really great squares and hold up well!

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