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Preppin Weapon Sanding Block

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Transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Chet

Original Post:

I have had these sanding blocks for about six months and I have had time to use them on a number of different projects. With ROS sanders and such now a days you don't need sanding blocks as much as in the past but when the occasion arises I am happy I have these. They hold a 1/4 sheet of sanding paper and a nice feature of this particular block is that it will hold multiple pieces, so you can cut the sheet up into fourths stake them up and clamp them all in the block at the same time. When the sand paper is worn you just tear it off and continue on with your work.

They come in four colors which makes it possible to use a different color for each grit. The pad is firm so you can work close to the edge of things with out rounding the corners. I find the grip to have a nice feel to it and I think any size hand would find it comfortable.

I got these at Tools for Working Wood for $21.95 each. I know you can get them at amazon and other places but I don't know if they give you the opportunity to select different colors or if you are stuck with the luck of the draw.


Follow Up Posts:

1)  Chet, I’ve had one of these for years and fought with others that have the little “nails” type guys for finer grit. I finally snapped and chunked the nail guy and use these exclusively.





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