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Woodpecker Carpenter Square

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Thread transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Tmize

Original Post:

So I finally after a serious inner battle with myself. I pulled the trigger and bought a red square. Being in construction my whole life I choose there carpenter square to start with I ready have 3 or 4 that I use quite often right up to when I need it to be super accurate. At that point I have several different combos that I’ve checked to be true. I my just be but seems I’ve always gotten better registration with carpenter square when pulling a knife line across it.

Follow Up Posts:

1) You'll be happy with that square! All the red stuff is over priced but, it is nice stuff.

I use that square quite often especially on large glue ups!

2) That’s what I’ve always been told. I was also thinking I could use it on my shooting board for quick miters

3)  I find it interesting that you see a lot of red stuff hanging on shop walls of some of the more well known content producers but you never see it being used. The one that comes to mind is the T-square, I don't think have ever seen on of those being used. I have one red item, well maybe its three. I have three different sizes of the centering rule 6, 12 and 24 inch. I use at least one of them on almost every project, mostly I use it to find the center of my stock for tenon layout.

I would like to get the 6 inch Paolini pocket rule but the shipping was almost or as much as the rue itself.

4)  Hmm..  Jotting notes....  I use them a lot but, don't recall if they're on film or not....  To include the T

5)  Ya Kev ... Mainly I see you squaring things up with the red but I think that's about it from what I remember.

I guess one of the main things is marking and all that isn't sexy for most viewers so I guess the bigger guys leave it out?

Also never heard of the Paolini pocket rule and looked it up... Looks like a pretty cool little ruler. Especially the height adjustment part on the end

Also Chet are you sure you entered the right info? My shipping would be $4.37 on it.

6) Not to hijack the thread but, it's hard to decide what video footage goes on the cutting room floor and what lives in the video..

To put it in perspective, 8 to 10 minutes of produced content usually represents 10 to 12 actual hours in the shop not including editing time.

It's not so much what the "bigger guys" leave out. For me, it's more about putting in relevant content. Marking and sanding, I think, are just time fillers as it's stuff we all do regardless of skill level and don't really struggle with.

Back on topic, I absolutely love the big square as well as the T square and use them quite often.  I really make a concerted effort to not purchase tools for frivolous reasons like "they match my collection" or, "I must own them all".  There's been a couple times (like the rest of us) that I've bought a tool because "it's all the rage".  When I found myself not using those tools, they were given away to another woodworker.  The Gripper is the one that jumps to mind.

Of the red tools that I own, the Paganini squares are on my short list for giving away.  I thought I would incorporate them quickly into my work flow and that just hasn't happened.  I also bought the panel gauges but, haven't had much use for those either.  I'll give them a bit more time before giving them away. 

7)  I googled Paganini squares and found nothing but a French musician lol ...

8  I looked at the palino rule ( however it’s spelled) I went the stop rule from LV. And it’s great for tool layout and setup. And third the price. It’s heavy tho I’ve got smaller one and I bet it’s 2 pounds or so

9)  It doesn't hurt to show every once in a while, you never know when you do something (technique) that somebody hasn't seen before. I was watching something on Philip Morley's site the other day and saw him do something I had never seen. What he did might not be news to millions of wood workers but it was a new one for me.

Okay, I just went back to the Woodpecker site and the shipping is a lot cheaper but the rule is a lot more then it was. When I first looked at it, the rule had just been made a regular item instead of a one time tool and the price was around $23-24 and shipping was somewhere around $13.00. I was so baffled I showed my wife the shopping cart to see if i was missing something. Good news is I have gotten over even wanting the rule. ::)

10)  Funny, I can't find them either..  I'm sure I probably spelled it wrong which doesn't help..

I'll be home in a couple days and will snap a pic.

11)  When I thInk of a t square, I think of the 24” x 54” that I have from HD that I use to cut Sheetrock. Aside from checking the squareness of an end of a piece of ply, where else would one come in handy for a woodworker, especially if you have a track saw?

12)  First off, I've never seen one of those drywall t-squares that's actually square ;)

I use mine a lot for marking across panels for things like dados. 

13)  Ok, that makes sense. And yeah because drywall is usually all I use it for, it doesn’t have to be that accurate cause my cuts sure as heck aren’t !

14)  It’s kinda on subject but a video on layout would be great. I know with me I use the pieces themselves when I’m building an anytime I try a measure anything it’s always off by a hair. Or try an translate it to the router table or table saw fence I mess up some how which is a large reason to doing my joinery by hand instead. For my it easier to bring the tool to the work than to transfer marks to line up on the tool. If that makes since

15)  Paolini. They might be a reoccurring 1 time tool. I have the 1280 square and it good, I almost stole it. I went to the counter at a Woodcraft and asked how much and the guy was like how's $40. I quickly said sold.

16)  That’s where I got mine thru but online I just use promo code comeback to get free shipping all the time

17)  Pulling what you need directly from the piece (relative dimensioning) is always the best method regardless of how the piece is being cut.

18)  I just tried that code "comeback" and didnt work for me :( 

19)  I’ve used it the last 3 times I’ve ordered from them. I put a few thing in my cart and just closed out of the site. Well they sent me a couple email reminding me of stuff in my cart. Then after about a week they sent me that promo and has worked every time since

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