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Transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Tmize

Original Post:

So over the past month or so I have kinda been bite by the LN bug. I already had their dovetail saw and it true a straight out of the box. It start simple and innocent by needing a la block plane so I bought the bronze 102. It is a amazing plane by the way. Then I got to thinking I needed a couple in between size chisels so I bought 3/8 and 5/8. I got them an that was another eye opening experience over my Narex and vintage collection. So I had to have my two more in my more common sizes 1/4,1/2. Now it’s been a week since my last purchase from them so I ordered the 71 router plane. So I’m guessing this is my first taste of high quality tools. So am about to have a full shop of bronze or will this pass?

Follow Up Posts:

1)  Will it pass, nope! Good luck to you and the wallet.

2)  I have quite a bit of LN stuff and love it!

As for the router plane, I will admit that I like LVs version a bit better but, you can't go wrong either way..

3)  I’ve been back an forth on which one to buy for the last couple months. I’m normally a pre war Stanley user refurbisher but the price of a decent one pushed me to buying new. To be honest the deciding factor on the router plane was the LN came with the fence at no extra cost. I was watching a video the other day. The guy was using it to make stopped grooves with it an a light bulb went off that would be so much easier than the way I do it now with a plough plane.

4)  Well the LN bug bite me again. I found a 12” 10ppi tip tenon saw pop up on eBay for cheap considering it has been discontinued for 4-5 years. So I had no choice but to buy it right. It showed up today. I havent opened the package yet been chasing kids since I got the bandsaw put together

5)  Wow!  2 great cutters on the same day!  Nice score!

6)  Well I jumped the gun. It happened to be my woodslicer blade. It threw me off being in a flat rate box. Neither was supposed to deliver til Friday or Saturday by tracking.

7)  lol..  3 great cutters in the same day!

8  Tmize, put the iPad down, take the dog for a walk, the kids to a movie, the wife to a nice meal. Anything to break the cycle. Easy for me to say!  :)
Congrats bud! 

9)  So hard tho. I just ordered a fishtail chisel now for all these half blind dovetails I’m doing now and in my near future

10)  I have a couple of them and they do come in handy!

11)  What size do you find most useful? I got the 1/2” but only because the 3/8 was sold out

12)  I don't want to lie to you but, I can't run out to the shop for a couple weeks..  I think I have 1/2" and 1/4".  I'll check when I get home in a couple weeks and update..

13)  No big deal thanks tho


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